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#Weekendcoffeeshare Maker House Tucson

February 28, 2015 , , ,

This week I invite you all to join me for Saturday brunch at Maker House downtown Tucson. They serve very good coffee and tea all the time. On Saturday there is a special brunch menu and mimosas are on special for $1. A DJ plays in the courtyard, and vendors are set up selling art,clothing, jewelry, and more. This is, by far, the most hipster of hip places to be in town.  Please join me outside to enjoy the warm cloudy weather.  There are plenty of tables, and some are equipped with paper and tins of colored pencils for our amusement.  In the announcement I read for the event art classes were advertised, but I saw no evidence that they were being taught.  This may happen later in the day.  I had a good time drinking a cappuccino and doodling to the music.  Other drinking doodlers soon appeared, some with coffee and others with mimosas.  Those on a budget could buy 4 mimosas for the price of a cappuccino, so they are popular with many of the customers.  Since your are arriving by transporter cloak they will be digital, so you can have as many as you like and still cloak home. I can highly recommend the breakfast sandwich on the house made croissant.  Everything I have ever ordered here has been fresh and delicious. Next time I plan to try the breakfast pizza.

I look forward to hearing about your week and seeing your drawings.  It feels good to enjoy the music and take time to relax.  I am in no rush.  The week has been low key.  My tax preparation is  in order for the accountant, so I feel accomplished if not giddy.  I don’t know why I always dread the tax is really not all that bad.  When I am done for the year it is supremely liberating to me.  Other than that mundane task I have written poetry and attended a wonderful poetry reading by Simon Ortiz at the U of A Poetry Center.  That was the highlight of my week. I bought his book Sand Creek and he signed it for me.  He said he can’t tell the difference between poetry and prose.  That was liberating for me and I thanked him for it as well as his beautiful reading.

Before you leave Tucson I hope you will look around the historic mansion that is Maker House.  It has special murals and wonderful detail, like copper ceilings.  There is a classic game arcade, free wifi, and craft beer.  We love the events they host and their constantly evolving food service.  Now they deliver food, coffee and beer downtown, which should prove to be popular.  We are happy the architecture is being preserved while serving a diverse and extremely hip customer base.  It is one reason our downtown has become much more desirable. If you have cloaked in from up north you will probably like the weather best of all.  It is rodeo week for those of you who want to feel that you have truly been way out west. Head south and buzz the rodeo grounds on your way home for a total Tucson tour.  We hope you will like your digital visit enough to come in real life someday.




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Liked by 1 person


February 28, 2015

The Maker House sounds great! I haven’t spent too much time in Tucson as we always drove to Scottsdale to see family on our way through but it does sound interesting.



March 1, 2015

It is the new even if you came before our downtown is unrecognizable.. Thanks for stopping by

Liked by 1 person

Pamela Morse

March 1, 2015

$1 mimosas? count me in! I love to doodle with crayons and pencils. I am a huge fan of artisanal vendors and even if I don’t buy, I appreciate their work ethic. Prose and poetry – the difference is in the eye of the beholder.


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

March 1, 2015

Thank you for the lovely tour of the Maker House! The virtual tour was lovely, and I loved the croissant. I’m glad your week is going well. The poetry reading sounds like fun.



March 2, 2015

$1.00 mimosas, I’ll take one of those. : ) What a fun coffee share. Music, good weather and some impromptu art time. Perfect!


Robin Rivera

March 7, 2015

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