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Wellness and Self Expression

March 26, 2015 , , , ,







The quest for balance and health leads down some blind alleys. I found a medical doctor last year in my neighborhood because I will soon have Medicare and have no idea how to make it work for me. The guy is billed as alternative health gerontologist, so I thought he would be right for my philosophy.  We had a fairly long initial interview and then he asked me to get a mammogram or thermography.  I was glad to go for a full body thermography because I was curious to know what it would reveal.

After my test was concluded the results were sent to the doctor and we discussed them on my next visit, which was for a pelvic exam.  My breasts showed no signs of problems, so the doctor decided that everything must be fine.  I asked him to discuss the areas where my thermography revealed inflammation because I was really concerned when I saw it. He dismissed my concern by saying “Don’t you think that is just a generalization?”  I was shocked for half a second, and then I realized there was no point in talking to him about anything not initiated by him.  He would call the agenda for my body and let me know.  Strike one.  He told me to go do my “alternative thing”, using two fingers on each side to make that obnoxious parenthesis gesture.  I honestly wanted to slap him.

The pelvic exam results were inconclusive and he thought there was some problem. I was sent to a specialist for another exam.  My insurance had covered the first one, but I had to pay full price for the extra one. My pelvic exam, done by a more professional person, showed no signs of problems.  Strike two. Now I have received a letter from this guy informing me that I have the opportunity to pay him $500 EXTRA dollars a year and have super special access to him.  He will give one hour consultations and hand out his private cell number to the exclusive group of patients which will be limited. I do have the option of being followed by a physicians assistant who will be hired to deal with those of us who do not care to see the doctor.  This was a very easy decision for me.  I picked the assistant.

I am not of the mindset that the doctor is always right.  In fact I am intensely iatrophobic, suspecting error and negligence in every medial procedure done on the planet. I have not taken any prescription drugs for any reason, and do not plan to start.  I feel good and enjoy life.  I think my health is a function of my own enjoyment and self expression.  One of the ways the new “health care system” disrespects the individual is by not listening.  I have decided to take the entire incident as a warning.  I still go to my osteopath and pay cash when I need a doctor.  She does manipulative medicine only , and I trust her completely.  I am a regular receiver of body work and acupuncture, which I value much more than time in a MD’s office.

I believe it is my own responsibility to care for myself and evaluate my choices constantly. I also think that repression is a source of ill health.  Wellness springs from our emotional and spiritual contentment.  Acceptance of the self as magical, artistic, and full of creativity opens the door to a full life.  We each have instinctual wisdom about our own health.  My own philosophy is that we need to open to our center to give our art a conduit to the world. Of course it is wise to seek medical attention when needed, but a daily dose of movement, social interaction with friends, and creative challenge is the prescription for well being.  I hope you find your own creative muse, gentle reader.  The relationship can be a valuable asset to your continued good health.  The right primary care muse can make all the difference to your future.

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Pam you don’t need a doctor who’s going to be that obnoxious. He’s a cafeteria type doc. We have several of those here and a friend of mine used it for her and her kids but the guy really wasn’t that helpful when the kids kept getting ear infections. He just didn’t understand WHY!

I like RN practitioners and PA’s.. they get right to the meat of it and if they don’t like what you say.. they tell you but they are willing to listen. I would hesitate to see someone who doesn’t listen to you or doesn’t welcome questions


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

March 29, 2015

Sometimes I am very glad for our NHS, despite all the failings!


March 30, 2015

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