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Feng Po, Goddess of the Wind

May 26, 2015 , , ,

Mistress of the Wind

Mistress of the Wind

In China the goddess Feng Po is in charge of wild animals, weather and movement. She must certainly be involved in global warming. She is seen riding a tiger.  She holds the wind in a bag over her shoulder on the days when it is calm on earth.  She has the power to move and or shake things into place.  Her message is integrity. Representing the winds of change, she must discern the most appropriate velocity of wind for each purpose. Her energy can be very refreshing, cleansing and clearing the air for new ventures.  Think of how many metaphors there are in English for this breath of fresh air.

Like other gods and humans she has a dark nature that is dangerous.  She warns against all false agreements and conditions.  Move carefully through your obligations and promises to others.  Giving requires a cheerful heart.  Quid pro quo, expecting something in return for favors, leads to resentment.  Feng Po teaches a healthy balanced approach to the needs of others.  If we allow space, time, and understanding into our decision making process we will be authentic.  We will say yes only when we genuinely want to engage, and we will discover the beauty of saying no when we are really not into it.  Feng Po will support and stay at the back of the sincere sailor on the winds of change.  She is known to reek havoc, unleashing stormy gusts of destruction to tear down bonds built from guilt.  She is sometimes called Feng Po Po, and even sometimes referred to as a male.  She represents the value in conserving and preserving energy, and spending it wisely.  On a personal basis she shows us how to say no to time wasting.  On a global level she asks us to make some sense of the power balance at work around the world.  We need to resist certain larger issues on the world stage in order to survive.  It is time to both show power and control it wisely.

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From my point of view power starts with power over oneself. If you are not wise with it you will suffer the consequences first.


Brigitte Kobi

May 27, 2015

Correct, balance is only known from the center of the action….the topple first


Pamela Morse

May 27, 2015

I love this post. I think Asian mythology/religions are so interesting.


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