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The New Tea Me

June 17, 2015

Summer is extreme in Tucson. We change many of our daily routines in order to deal with the heat and intense sun.  In our household this means we seriously crank up our consumption of iced tea.  We drink tea all year, usually iced, but in summer two of us consume gallons every day.  I have been a highly satisfied customer of Adagio Teas for years.  My orders have included fruit, herbal, and roiboos teas in the past.  Recently I have read a lot about different kinds of teas, so I decided to expand my repertoire by tasting some new varieties.  I have tried green tea in the past, but thought I did not like it.  Perhaps I brewed it badly.  I have become such a raving fan in a few weeks that I have given up my morning coffee.  There is caffeine in green tea, so it does the job of waking me up, and my stomach seems to like it much better.  I may return to coffee when winter comes, but for now I am very happy with my morning tea.  Who knows how far I will take this exploration?  I love the ritualistic treatment given to tea by the Asians, and the formality and style the Brits use when they serve tea.  So far I have not developed any real tea drinking rituals, but one never knows how this could end.

The flavored varieties that converted me to a green tea lover are:

Cherry Green– this lively bright flavor is the one I choose for morning.  It is delicious.

Calypso Green–  This one has a hint of coconut and other tropical fruit, tasty for all day

I have also ordered some new green types to try and a green roiboos.  Roiboos is probably my favorite flavor, and luckily it is extremely healthful.  The green, unfermented roiboos is higher in antioxidants and other nutrients.  It is very beneficial to the skin, and can be applied topically to heal burns and abrasions. After drinking healthy liquids all day and staying hydrated I have even found some green tea cocktails!!! At least one ingredient will be good for me!

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I love teas. I love Adagio Teas . I bet you would love August Uncommon Teas.. they are blended teas much like one would blend a cocktail or an amazing dish of food.
I have a feeling you would find some favorite flavors in their collections

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Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

June 18, 2015

You know how to shop better than anyone, Stevie, so i will take that tip and check them out.


Pamela Morse

June 18, 2015

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