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Fors Fortuna, Triple Goddess

June 22, 2015 , , ,

June 24th is the special day honoring the fates.  Fors, an ancient Roman goddess of luck was merged with Fortuna, the abundance goddess to create Fors Fortuna, the trifecta of luck.  In neutral aspect this goddess functions in three distinct ways:

  • Lachesis, the youngest, controls the length of the threads of life
  • Clotho, the middle sister, spins and weaves a tapestry of each individual life
  • Atropos, the eldest, keeps the scissors that cut the treads of life when it ends

These three show shadow aspects when they are not honored.  They become the Furies:

  • Alecto represents unceasing anger, driving victims to madness
  • Tisiphone is the avenger of murder
  • Megaera causes jealousy and punishes criminals

The fate sisters, in good moods and bad, share one eye and one existence.  The saying blind luck may come from this idea. Fortune, by its very nature, can go either way.  If it were stable rather than fickle it would cease to be luck.  You may have some rituals or beliefs about good and bad luck that you rarely examine.  This year on the 24th of June take some time to contemplate the role of luck in your life.  What does the phrase “There but for fortune go you or I.” mean to you?

Fors Fortuna

Fors Fortuna

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I love this aspect of Greek mythology. The furies rarely get talked about. I also love this video too.


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

June 22, 2015

Hi Pamela
I just came across this article. Only 2 days ago I watched a documentary about Joan Baez and about 3 days ago I used the image with exactly that Fortuna for one of my Style in Mind posts. The fates’ work?
Have a wonderful day.


Brigitte Kobi

June 24, 2015

Fates are always at work..thanks, Brigitte.


Pamela Morse

June 24, 2015

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