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An Epoch Venus-Jupiter Conjunction: June 30, 2015

June 30, 2015

Most Auspicious

When the Curves Line Up

A recent Venus-Jupiter Conjunction

Venus passes close to Jupiter in the western evening sky during late June and early July in a dazzling celestial display. The image above shows the planets in 2012 when they passed within about 3 degrees of each other.  During the 2015 conjunction, the planets appear 9 times closer.  This article outlines the circumstances of conjunctions between Venus and Jupiter, the events of this conjunction, and concludes with a list of future Venus-Jupiter conjunctions.

See this article for more as Venus as an Evening Star.

Conjunctions of the bright planets occur when they appear to move past each other in the sky.  Sometimes they seem to nearly meet, although they are millions of miles apart.  A Venus-Jupiter conjunction occurs between 34 days and 449 days, depending on the relative positions of the three planets (including Earth).  Venus revolves around the sun once in about 225 days…

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I can’t wait for full moon tonight. It’s going to be really interesting!! Conjunctions and also that the sun and moon are both in cancer make this a really interesting full moon sequence

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Stevie Wilson

July 1, 2015

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