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Eat, Drink and Be Local

July 2, 2015 , , ,

grapefruit and calamondin

grapefruit and calamondin

It is time for the Food Conspiracy Coop’s eat local challenge. The concept is key to saving the planet in my opinion. I do some gardening and shop at farmers’ markets, but I can’t say I eat 100% locally grown or produced food. When I turn my attention to this challenge, as I have in the past years, I notice how much I still buy in jars and bottles.  By shipping my food around in heavy glass containers I add to the cost, but not really to the value, of my selections.  I make an effort to use less and less from jars, and I very rarely buy any product in a can.  If I can start form scratch I prefer it.  Some condiments and ethnic delicacies are beyond my abilities to create at home, so I take pleasure in selecting tasty treats from foreign lands that are either a new sensation, or a serious favorite from the past.  Truth be told some of those exotic pricey packaged products are sold at the coop along with locally sourced groceries.  That is why the 1-14 of July is an extra special time to head down to Food Conspiracy.

First Fridays are always a day of 10% discounts throughout the store.  This month in addition to that discount, all local foods will be on sale for 10% off for two weeks, 1-14 July.  This is a chance to kick start the local eating habit with some helpful discounts.  A contest will also be held on instagram.  Using the hashtag #TucsonEatsLocal, and tagging @foodconspiracy contestants can enter shots of gardens, markets, and dishes prepared with local ingredients to win prizes.  The t shirts and $50 gift certificate to the store are cool prizes, but the real prize is the satisfaction of starting a habit that is good for everyone.  If this concept caught on in a big way factory farming would become obsolete.  Processed foods would give way to fresh and organic because the costs in the long run are lower. By participating in the eat local challenge we bring our attention to how easy it is to do.  Have you ever tired to be a locavore, gentle reader?  Some places it is much easier than others.  I still have citrus vodka I made from our fruits last winter..waste not want not.

citrus hootch

citrus hootch

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This dish looks great. As you know the seasons in Europe have stronger differences than in warmer countries. I really eat vegetable of the season. Although; strawberries war available in March (don’t ask me on what planet they grew) I would never buy them but I wait until about June. The same goes for vegetables. And most of them are fresh. I admit that I buy some vegetables like chick peas in cans because I am too lazy to deal with the dry ones. Not only to save the planet but because it is totally stupid to by expensive fruit that is tasteless.

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Brigitte Kobi

July 2, 2015

I think the Eat Local concept is very smart. The discount makes it easier and more economically feasible to expand your palette and eating experience by trying new things, flavors and presentations.
I would love to know what beverages you create with the “citrus hooch” shown in the photo!


Stevie Wilson

July 3, 2015

At home and during camp outs, we always eat local. Fresh, local ingredients make our meals taste so much better.


Adrenaline Romance

July 6, 2015

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