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Magic Magnesium Sleepy Time Bath

July 6, 2015 , , , ,

Magnesium is an essential nutrient that keeps us clam.  The GABA receptors in the brain require magnesium to do their job, which is to switch off the stress.  When we are low in magnesium our bodies respond with insomnia, daytime jitters, and other unpleasant symptoms. This uncomfortable situation can be addressed by taking supplements.  Another way to introduce extra magnesium into the body is by bathing in epsom salts.  I have used them for foot baths when I have sore feet, and occasionally for tub baths, but now I am trying a new technique to improve my sleep.  By using honey before bed I have made some improvements in deeper more uninterrupted sleep.  Last night when I woke to let the dog outside at 2 in the morning I decided to try a bath recipe I saw to test the effects.  It was nothing short of spectacular.

I ran a hot bath and used about 1 and a half cups of epsom salt, about 1/2 cup baking soda, and 2 cups strong ginger tea.  The ginger makes you sweat while you are in the tub, and for a few minutes after you exit.  The recommended time for maximum benefits is an hour, but I was falling back to sleep in about 20 minutes.  I did fall deeply back into dreamland and awoke this morning feeling very well rested.  My fitbit reports that I had a very good night of sleep, just over 8 hours.

This is such an easy and pleasant cure I plan to incorporate it into my routine every day.  One of the effects one can expect to see is lower blood pressure.  Pharmaceutical drugs are one reason we become magnesium deficient in the first place. I don’t take any drugs and hope to stay that way.  Isn’t it good to know that both insomnia and high blood pressure, very common today, can often be completely cured in the bathtub?  Have you used epsom salts to get a better night’s sleep, gentle reader?  I highly recommend it.  The addition of the ginger adds anti-inflamatory properties, again an easy and cheap cure for the entire body. There are no harmful side effects, and the evidence shows that this bath might be just what the doctor should have ordered.


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I love epsom salt baths. I think magnesium is terrific…. someone told me to add baking soda too in order to detox.
I love the idea of the ginger tea! . Congrats on the sleep you needed it!


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