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Magical Marjoram

July 16, 2015 , , , ,

marjoram plant

marjoram plant

Marjoram has been used medicinally for centuries. The botanical name, Origanum majorana, is derived from Greek words meaning joy (oros) of the mountains (ganos).  This culinary herb is commonly used in Mediterranean dishes to add a warm woody flavor.  As an herbal remedy the tea made from dried leaves and flowers is used as a treatment for liver disease, vocal chord distress, insomnia, coughs, indigestion, headaches and migraines. The antispasmodic qualities of the herb are used topically in ointments and massage oils to relive muscle soreness.

The marjoram in my garden is highly productive, so I have looked into ways to use my large harvest.  I do cook with it, but have not yet tried drinking the tea.  On the new moon each month I do a clean sweep ritual.  I clean and clear my home of stale energy, throw away or give away items no longer needed, then refresh the marjoram sachets in the 4 corners of my home.  The bundles are symbolic as well as aromatic.  I meditate on new beginnings and fresh projects while I dispose of the old herbs in the back yard and replace them with freshly harvested marjoram from my front yard.  The process only takes about 5 minutes but it establishes a clean start attitude in my home.  The fresh scent fades, but the mini ritual refreshes my creativity and wellness.

I have learned that the Egyptians dedicated this planet to the god Osiris, who ruled the afterlife.  They used it on the graves of the dead as well as in medicinal preparations.  In Greece both marjoram and oregano, cousins with different effects, were created by Aphrodite. Love potions were made with marjoram, and Greeks crowned the bridal couple with wreaths of marjoram at weddings to ensure happiness.  Continuing the funeral custom, ancient Greeks believed that if marjoram grows on someone’s grave they are content in the afterlife.

I have been trying techniques to enhance my sleep lately.  I developed a couple of small muscular strains yesterday, so I decided to try a marjoram bath in the evening.  I have been using  Epsom salts in my bath to put me to sleep soundly with great success.  I have added ginger as a general tonic, so I thought I would compare that experience to marjoram bathing.  I stayed in the first time for about 30 minutes, got out and sweated into my terry cloth robe for about 10 minutes, then soaked again for 20 minutes .  The effect was very positive.  Not only did I fall deeply and soundly to sleep, but this morning all the little aches had left my body.  One of them had been hanging around for weeks, not too painful, just annoying.  I have already brewed marjoram tea for my bath tonight, with plans to continue this simple and effective remedy from my garden.  I have discovered my own version of the fountain of youth. All I need to do to erase minor pain and alter my level of stress is soak in my own tub.  Tonight I may add a cup of tea internally to add to the sedative effects.  Do remember that sedative and anti depressant are not the same.  This herb, although mild, is used as a downer.  If you want a lift try lemon balm in your bath.

marjoram plant

marjoram plant

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I always wondered HOW to use majoram bec I could never really work it well into foods. ? are you adding the ginger tea to bath water or just drinking it like reg tea ? Is that how you handled majoram? This might be a good option for me!

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Stevie Wilson

July 18, 2015

I did the ginger and marjoram separately ..with epsom salts and baking soda. The marjoram is more of a muscular relaxer, the ginger an internal warming and deep sweat…both good for sleep.


Pamela Morse

July 18, 2015

I’m so happy to have my herbs back (well some of them anyway). This is one I always grow, it works well in the UK – though it doesn’t have the same strength as the greek one!

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July 18, 2015

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