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Blue Moon Opportunity

July 28, 2015 , , ,

This July, 2015  is full of unusual astrological events. The most obvious is the blue moon in Aquarius on 31 July at the end of this week.  This second full moon in a month is rare, and will not occur again until January, 2018.  In astrology terms, the sky is full of aspects, squares and retrograde planets that do not bode well for relationships and power struggles.

Full moon is a time of plenty, a time to reap and be grateful. As tides swell and retreat, the moon (from our point of view) grows large until it is directly opposite the sun at full moon, and then it diminishes in size.  Since ancient times farmers have followed the moon’s phases to find the right times to plant or harvest, feed, or weed the crops.  The new moon begins a cycle which comes to fullness about 2 weeks later when it reaches fullness.  Each new moon I make a mental and physical sweep of my space, clearing and cleaning.  I have learned that for me this important step makes clear a new beginning.  Projects that have been abandoned can be refreshed on the new moon.  Obvious excess, including commitments that don’t benefit me, are examined for possible removal at the new moon.  It reminds me of soil preparation and planting seeds.  During the time between new and full your enthusiasm and efforts must continue to nurture the new project or you will arrive at the full moon with little to show.  A continuum of careful execution must be carried out with mindful purpose in order to attain the goal, or the harvest we desire.  Each new moon is a chance to start anew. Each full moon is a time to count our blessings and feel our successes.

This special blue moon seems to me an excellent time to examine life goals, large and small.  Relationships from the past may be haunting the present. This week my meditation is about cleaning up and forgiving in order to move into the future with ease.  This task is simple, but it always needs to be repeated, at least in my life.  I wish all my gentle readers a joyous and adventurous blue moon.

Full Moon #BlueMoon

Full Moon

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I love blue moons. I hope we have another this year. Time for decisions!!


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

July 29, 2015

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