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What Are Missions on Empire Avenue?

August 18, 2015 , , , ,

My Empire Avenue Profile

My Empire Avenue Profile

The stock trading game Empire Avenue is a daily activity for me. I enjoy meeting people from around the world and connecting for all kinds of reasons. I have friends on the Avenue that represent many different viewpoints, ethnicities, nationalities, and philosophies. I may have met them as investments, but now I appreciate their support and camaraderie in the social networks. For me, Empire Avenue can be a clearing house for new contacts.  I buy a few shares, check out the profiles and content the individual promotes, and often find friendship and mutual interests. I don’t look at the game as a platform to promote my business interests, but I support many players who do.  The mission system is a great way to meet, promote, and discover new players and content.

What is a mission on Empire Avenue?  It is a contract between players.  An offer of EAVs (the funny money that fuels the Empire stock market) is made in return for a visit to a website, tweet, blog, or any other digital destination.  By accepting the mission and the payment a player indicates an interest in the subject, but there is no requirement to endorse, retweet, like, or comment on a mission.  In other words, the mission completion is an honor system.  Like all systems of this kind, some take advantage by running off with the fake bucks without visiting the content.  In the game we can see when other players do this.  It can be a mistake, but if a player rips off missions frequently everyone becomes aware of it.  It is permitted to block a player in the game if such behavior is discovered.  I have not blocked any players, but I have sold my shares in a few.

If you are active in social media, have an interest in international concerns, and like to make new contacts, Empire Avenue might be fun for you.  There is no fee for playing.  Your imaginary wealth from the EAVs grows with daily dividends from your portfolio of players. The value of the contacts, the content, and the sharing is something that each individual must judge for themselves. The time I spend both creating and completing missions on Empire Avenue is well rewarded. If you decide to play, gentle reader, let me know and I will buy your shares and run a mission to help you get started.

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I never met anyone who explained this “game” as thoroughly and clearly as you have. I like that it’s an honor system . How much time do you devote to it every day?


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

August 19, 2015

I play from 10 to 30 minutes daily. If I skip days I pile up too many EAV’s to spend by earning dividends.


Pamela Morse

August 19, 2015

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