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No Place Like Home Wellness Plan

September 23, 2015 , , ,

pure intention

pure intention

My recent odyssey was perfect for my taste as well as my health. Winding up the last three days and nights in Desert Hot Springs gave me every chance to relax, release and renew in the water.  The drinking water there is also excellent, so I came home hydrated and healthy.  Taking a mineral water cure is always my favorite way to retreat to center and focus.  Leaving home is a great way to assess which best and healthy practices to nurture, and which habits to eliminate.  I was very lenient with my diet on holiday but did not suffer ill effects from a few days of extra alcohol and taste treats. We did not go overboard very much on the trip, and a little splurge is good for the attitude.

The first day of fall beckons to holiday celebrants to begin planning, singing, and collecting recipes. The Pumpkin Spice lifestyle is propagated everywhere, and obligatory holiday consumerism is praised as virtue.  I am not opposed to merriment, gifting, or parties, but think it can all be done with less waste, more true spirit of giving, and some refined restraint.  I plan to use this season of harvest and thanksgiving to clean up my act, my house, and my lifestyle choices.  I am the only one who can give myself these gifts.

Now that I am home I have the chance to create positive new change:

  1. This fall I will limit myself to 3 alcoholic drinks a week
  2. I will go through my books and office to reduce clutter/clear space
  3. I will try at least 3 classes a week at the Racquet Club
  4. I will have acupuncture or body work every week
  5. I will write poetry and mine my dreams for self-expression

When the winter solstice arrives in December I want to feel happier, lighter, and more free.  Three months of concentration on my wellbeing is an investment that will pay big dividends long into the future.  This holiday present I am giving to myself is more valuable than anything I could be given by another person.

shadow selfie

shadow selfie

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That’s quite a program you have set up for yourself. I think that for the most part, you can achieve everything.. I think that you will be very successful at keeping your wellbeing program going with allowances for a moderate slip here or there.

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Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

September 23, 2015

To slip is human..I am just inspired by minimalists lately


Pamela Morse

September 24, 2015

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