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Vampire Archetype, Draining the Life Force

September 30, 2015 , , , ,

The season of scare is upon us as the month of Halloween arrives.  Vampires are popular mythical characters used in costuming, entertaining, and decor during this season.  The classic tale of Dracula is the famous story of a vampire most people know and think of when drawing up this archetype.  The vampire returns to drain the life from his prey each night until it is depleted.

In a larger sense the vampire can represent the dynamic present in some couples (or even nations).  One partner can sustain the psychic or material needs of the other by allowing themselves to be drained.  Today this can be seen outwardly in financial situations.  Neediness is the bond between the two, and survival of the couple depends on an unspoken and unhealthy agreement.  Financial codependence does not resemble sharing.  It more closely parodies a horror flick.

The positive result of an encounter with the vampire archetype is an awareness that some person or entity can suck the living daylights out of your soul.  The shadow vampire sucks energy from others to maintain approval.  Once you recognize this character in yourself and others you can take appropriate steps to protect your own energy.  You will then be able to perceive your own dependencies in a new light.  Once the light of day has been shed on the entire drama it can be laid to rest.

Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead

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We all have figurative “vampires” in our lives. People who live on drama. People who suck the fun out of situations. People who emotionally drain you with their problems. Is it any wonder why this archetype rings a cord? It’s familiar to all of us. Not necessarily in a good way, but vampires are everywhere. It’s much easier to turn them into monsters, to poke fun at the genre, than to deal with the drama-makers in our lives. 😉


Juli Hoffman

October 1, 2015

You are so right Juli. Fun suckers abound, and will harvest drama where and when they find it. Thanks for your insight.

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Pamela Morse

October 2, 2015

Both do I know this one. I love that you mentioned the financial aspect. I have learned to either keep my distance from those who seek to “feed” off my energy or I set up barriers to limit time spent with them.
Great post Pam!


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

October 5, 2015

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