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Good Bye (not a good buy) Apple Music

October 9, 2015 , , ,

Apple Music

Apple Music

I have just been informed that my free account has been closed by Apple Music. I am not very upset to learn this news. I have enjoyed using the streaming music service for the last three months, but determined that for me it is not worth $10 a month to keep it. I already have Amazon streaming music because I am a Prime customer. It serves my needs and then some. I don’t need every song on earth in my library. I just like to have variety and ease of use, which both these systems have.  I did learn more about how to use streaming music and it now enhances my use of the Amazon system.  Here are the discoveries I made during my free subscription:

  • I like playlists with themes- I find new artists and remember old favorites by listening to playlists created by others
  • I have a wider taste in music than I thought I did- I found some country,  and hip hop artists I enjoy.  Exploring jazz and world music can lead to many exciting new tunes I find pleasurable.  Dance beats come in every flavor and size.
  • Shuffle still does it for me- I use the service for walks and workouts.  If I don’t want a certain song I skip it and go to the next selection.  The random mix keeps me interested without needing much attention from me.
  • Apple radio stations are still available to me, and they tend to be very well curated.  There are short ads, but they have to be creative and funny to keep the listener from disconnecting.  I will use the radio feature in the future.

Do you use streaming music services, gentle reader?  Have you decided to pay for any of them?  If you are a Prime member at Amazon I hope you will download the Amazon music app and enjoy your perks.

Amazon Prime Music

Amazon Prime Music

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I don’t like what Apple Music is doing. I am not a fan. I am glad iTunes is still around but even that isn’t as good or user friendly as it should be. I have Sirius XM for my car .. and I like that. It’s merely a trial and for what they charge, I am not keeping it for longer than the 90 days. the cost is ridiculous because I figured out that I can buy a LOT of music for the cost of a year or 2 of Sirius XM.

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Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

October 10, 2015

I did not know about the Amazon App so thanks! I will see if I can make it work. 😊

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Frederick Rehfeldt

October 10, 2015

Hi Pamela, this article gives me some valuale information. I like Amazon’s service and since I am rearranging some things in my home this is something I definitely will have a closer look at. On the other hand I am an opera lover and copied many of my old CDs on my smart phone so I can listen to it while driving.
Have a great week.

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Brigitte Kobi

October 11, 2015

I use the Amazon app for music, and now I have more insight into how to use it best. A value for me..Thanks for visiting, Brigitte


Pamela Morse

October 11, 2015

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