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Transformation Time, New Moon

November 11, 2015 , , , ,

Tucson Racquet Club

Tucson Racquet Club

Today there is a new moon. When the moon is obscured each month the heavens create a new canvass on which to paint, a new field in which to plant.  I like to notice and honor each new moon because it allows me to recommit to goals on which I have slacked and create new ones.  Now I am working on a new routine for my fitness and creative life.  I am going to classes at my health club in order to develop a habit for the future.  I have found enough excellent classes taught by highly competent teachers to keep me busy, but have to manage to create a new schedule for myself. Although I am a big fan of the classes I am also a bigger fan of a liberated life.  There is a little struggle going on between the sensible analysis that clearly appreciates and supports the value of movement classes and the free spirit who is challenged by any organized regime.  This is not my inner child per se putting up objections, but my inner slacker.  I am reminded of a phrase one of my favorite yoga teachers always used.  He says, “Practice is the root of transformation.”  I have been freewheeling for years, moving when and where I felt like doing it.  I mix weights, yoga, Pilates, walking, dancing, and water work as my heart desires. It is a fine way to be, but now I will shape a new pattern and make it my continuous practice.

Looking back on skills I have learned I see it does take practice to work talents into strengths.  I also notice I am drawn to creative and unseen projects and people. Invisible is my favorite way to exist. I like to maintain a certain woman of mystery status.   This new moon falls in the sign of Scorpio, a ruler of transformation as well as mystery.  I went to postural fitness class this morning and met a new teacher I think is grand.  The time of day suits me and her personality is exactly what I like.  I plan to harness this intention this month to get completely into the practice of taking at least 4 classes a week in different disciplines.  There is no demerit for failure, but I plan to succeed in this effort.  Everything is working in my favor, so I need to apply some attention.

Between now and the next new moon I dedicate my concentration to:

  • Patience- there is no rush
  • Gratitude- it is fortunate to have so many excellent choices
  • Beginner’s Mind- I may be jaded from having spent too much time in spa universe

This new habit will serve me well for years to come, and is worth the investment to establish it.  Do you have any transformational plans for this special month, gentle reader?  It is a most propitious time to go for something new.  By the time January rolls around I plan to be firmly established in my new routine.

What do you think?

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I love the post. It’s very interesting> i too have learned how to be invisible… I switch it on and off


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

November 12, 2015

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