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Banking on Bernie

January 23, 2016 , , , ,

This election of 2016 gives us an unprecidented opportunity to change our federal government for the better. The American people have been through the economic ringer while banks “recovered” nicely with taxpayer assistance.  The real estate market where I live is still on a very slow track to recovery, and the stock market is tanking right now over the price of oil.  Ordinary tax payers have felt powerless and probably resentful to see the way our government conducts itself and spends our treasury’s money.  Various movements from #OccupyWallStreet to #BlackLivesMatter have coalesced to express rage against the system.  As these feelings and political movements grow the ability to share our thoughts has expanded exponentially.

This election may be televised, but the instant power of twitter has changed the way the candidates compete. The playing field is more open to view than the games in the past that decided our national political future.  Anyone with a twitter account is free to comment, disclose, and persuade. It reminds me of the University of Texas tower (site of the very first famous mass shooting by a veteran at a school), which says “You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free” (John 8:32)  Truth and freedom have been generally under siege from all corners.  Each of us has personal truth and freedom, but it gets very gnarly trying to decode the nation’s truth and freedom.  These words evoke talk of war and the military, always used to protect our national freedom.  The irony now that the veterans of our freedom wars are in bad shape and need care and attention sends a signal that all is not well.  All is not revealed.  Truth about what happens to our troops, and in our wars has been buried under a giant pile of PTSD.  The brave men and women of our armed forces have taken the biggest hit to their freedom and security.  Someone has lied to us about the entire nature of this war business.

The economy may or may not be in peril for banks and the super wealthy Americans.  The economic outlook for the middle class looks gloomy to me at the moment.  Poverty is spreading among the senior population and children.  Homelessness and addiction is common for the hero veterans we sent to fight for our “freedom”.  These truths should motivate the voters of this nation to look for a better solution.  I endorse Bernie Sanders for president because #WeAreBernie.  I believe the truth will set us free from unreasonable government, but we need to face the truth together to make this happen. How do you feel, gentle reader?  Do you think we can come clean and make the government work for the people?  No matter what you think I hope you will vote and make your voice heard.

UT tower

UT tower

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I love that new commercial of his featuring Paul Simon’s music in the background. It’s very potent and it’s smart campaigning.. without him saying anything more than his disclosure


Stevie Wilson

January 24, 2016

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