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Brothers in Business, Saxon and Bryce Posey

January 27, 2016 , , , ,

My vendor neighbors at the Heirloom Farmers Market on Sundays are one of the reasons I have so much fun there. Our Garden Goddess Ferments booth is favorably located next to two awesome food trucks and a dining area. All the vendors are helpful and friendly with each other, usually offering a vendor discount as well. I met Saxon Posey on my first time at the market, so I was delighted that our permanent location is right across the way from the Posey brothers business, Desert Edible V’eggs.  The name is derived from the recycled egg cartons used as packaging and seed starting greenhouse. Saxon gives credit to his younger brother Bryce for the colors on the logo. They are a cool team.

The well designed starter kits for gardeners are complete with everything you need to begin a garden.  All you add is water and care.  As Saxon explains, the small time gardener rarely uses a full package of seeds.  The V’eggs seeds are planted in peat pots ready to start indoors or in a greenhouse.  The box they come in is the first mini greenhouse used to start the seeds.  After they sprout the lid can be lifted.  When the seedlings are a couple of inches tall they can be planted into the ground or a larger planter to mature.  Their system is practically fool proof, and brilliantly well planned.  The boys want their customers to be successful as farmers.  They have created 35 different garden packs that are seasonally appropriate.   These are the kits they offer at the farmers market.  They are also creating a new line especially designed for elementary school gardens called Schoolhouse Crops.  They feature really easy to grow varieties in the Schoolhouse kits to give the schools a better outcome.

The brothers are personable, funny, and are masters of their own creative business while still in the 4th and 6th grades.  I am mighty impressed with this family of entrepreneurs.  I feel lucky to know them at this young age, and have to wonder what they will do with this business experience in the future.  With a little encouragement from their mom Erika, also a friendly addition to the market booth, there is no telling what these powerhouse Posey boys will create.  It is impressive to watch them work. They are featured this month in the edible Baja Arizona magazine, which is a real source of pride for Saxon as you see below.

young entrepreneur

young entrepreneur

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Cute brothers. I love your videos! They are so sharp .
I like the starter gardening kits. SMART!!


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

January 31, 2016

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