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Tucson Hop Shop for Beer Week Festivities

February 12, 2016 , , ,

Arizona Beer Week is being celebrated all over town with tastings, pairings, and special events. Next weekend is the big craft beer crawl downtown, but beer gardens all over town are gearing up for special toasts and tastes all week.  Tucson Hop Shop is our very local beer garden (.7 of a mile from home)  with a family friendly atmosphere.  Food trucks are scheduled to cater for the patrons on the weekend.  Picnics of any kind are permitted as well.  Weather is expected to be perfect for a bike ride and a flight. My partner Bob is a big beer fan with a wide range of interests in beer styles. I am much more particular.  I like porters, stouts, and some copper ale if it is not very hoppy.  What I like about beer week is the fun we have meeting other happy beer drinkers in a community setting.  We look forward to a festive time this week that includes new flavors and new friends in Tucson.  Cheers!!! Enjoy in moderation and use a designated driver for best results.

Tucson Hop Shop

Tucson Hop Shop

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that sounds like such fun! I’m fussy about my beer too, though I actually liked the beer I tried in the USA better than the stuff we generally get here


February 14, 2016

Tucson has such fun events .. it’s seems to be at least 2x a month OR maybe it’s that you are visiting fun places around your state. It looks like such fun!


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

February 15, 2016

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