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Pisces Month and Mental Health

February 20, 2016 , , , , , ,



The sun has just entered Pisces for a month.  I am working on clearing my desk and finishing my tax preparation, which always happens this time of year.  I am particularly interested in clearing my space as well as my body and mind of the past this month.  Cleaning up and getting rid of useless garbage always brings me great joy and a feeling of moving forward with everything.  This year I am giving the Pisces month full attention because I see a metaphor for better health through karmic cleansing of beliefs.  In my own natal chart I have three planets in  Pisces, most significantly my north node is the twelfth house.  I am a relative amateur in astrology but am learning more as I investigate and read.  I follow a few good astrologers all the time.  One of my favorites is Dr. Loretta Stanley who also created my most recent chart.  She has urged karmic cleansing of the past during the Pisces month in preparation for a new life this spring. Physical and mental as well as belief cleaning is what she recommends during this time.  Sounds reasonable to me. I am sure I hold at least a few beliefs that no longer serve my best interests.

My own needs coincide with karmic cleansing and attention to the mystical, magical powers of Pisces for several reasons.  Pisces rules the feet, and I am slowly recovering from a nagging chronic foot pain that has plagued me now for a couple of years.  It is definitely on the mend, but still causes a bit of pain.  I have acupuncture once a week which is very effective in reducing the swelling and discomfort.  I am back on the walking path and functioning well, but I have a feeling the injury/chronic issue has an emotional component.  Everything always does.  There is a powerful metaphor about stepping forward without pain that I believe is soon to be opening a happy new pathway in my life.

Pisces rules the 12th house of karma or self-undoing.  It is a very emotional, mystical, spiritual and intuitive sign.  The 12th house is the end of the line for astrology, the last house.  It represents the unconscious, and therefore transformation.  Our unconscious minds are powerful guides that process the unknown and unseen parts of our lives.  The symbolism of the 12th house is the deep understanding, both spiritual and physical, that will decide how we move forward. I have applied many remedies and treatments to my foot disorder to find a cure.  It makes sense to take this month to take a deeper look at what my gait is trying to say to me.  The little limp on the left represents a deeper issue, I think.  I plan to use this month to meditate, clear, clean, and simplify my spiritual practices.  I believe (the motto of Pisces) the answer will be found deep in my subconscious.

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I have been on that personal karmic cleansing of late. It’s been very helpful!.


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

February 22, 2016

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