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Live Tweeting for Entertainment

February 24, 2016 , , ,

For those of you who have not used twitter I want to explain the advantages of live tweeting. This modern phenomena is accomplished by following hashtags to join in a conversation during a live event. Sometimes it is a news story, like a tragedy or an ongoing crime situation. In these cases live twitter is a way to stay abreast of news as it happens, often with live video. This is useful simple to inform oneself. Another popular use of this tool is to join others in commenting on a broadcast like Downton Abbey or a political debate. This is my favorite way to participate because it is like being in a classroom with the whole world commenting on the lesson.

Downton Abbey fans have become my tight buddies over time because we meet each other on Sunday nights to snark, make jokes, and predict what will happen. The attitude can be sarcasm or fandom, but there is always a great deal of humor. Some Downton fans are freaking out because the show is ending, leaving a big hole in our twitter social lives. There will always be more shows to tweet, but this one has gathered a big following.  Other events I like to live tweet are:

  • Superbowl (and the ads)
  • political debates and town halls
  • big international news stories and events

If you are new to the idea of hashtags this is how it works.  Go to the little search symbol that looks like a magnifying glass and enter a hashtag such as #DowntonAbbey, #FatherBrown, #SuperBowl2016, or the very popular #DWTS (dancing with the stars) I have not done #DWTS but I know it has a large following also.  The stream will appear with all the comments that include that hashtag.  If you decide to join the conversation you need to remember to include the hashtag correctly spelled in your tweet, or the gang will miss your commentary.  Tonight we have a GOP town hall, aka #GOPTownHall.  The tweeting gets heated but is extremely funny.  Here are a couple of examples, just in the warm up:

Once you catch on to the language of hashtags it all makes sense..except for the politicians.  I will be live tweeting this one for as long as I can stand it.  There will be some very good jokes.  Perhaps I will see you there, gentle reader.



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I like doing live tweeting when I am watching a certain movie or show or doing something that allows me to tweet while not interrupting the enjoyment others are getting of the event (read movie theaters) . The concept is fun and it increases the enjoyment of the “event” because others are part of it.

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Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

February 28, 2016

And we meet the worldwide comedian population..


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February 29, 2016

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