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Finishing Sugar by Terre Botanicals

March 8, 2016 , , ,

I am surprised and pleased with my discovery of a new product for my kitchen. When Terri Nacke offered me a taste of her fine finishing sugars I told her I don’t use sugar. This is a little exaggeration because I do use sugar to ferment ginger beer, lacto fermented lemonade and other beverages. In the case of the fermented drinks the sugar is consumed by the yeast in order to grow and make the final result fizzy. A little sugar goes a long way at our house. I tried the chocolate sugar and liked it, but decided it would last for 10 years in my cupboard. After chatting for a few minutes at her booth at the Old Town Farmers’ Market in Scottsdale I learned that we had much in common including a love of botany and aromatherapy.

When I lifted the Rose Petal Darjeeling sugar to my nose it thrilled me.  The taste blew my mind because this super deluxe product is made with essential oil of rose, a pure and direct love note to the brain.  I knew before it hit my tongue that I had to have some to take home.  Terri mentioned stone fruits and the natural affinity the rose has with apricots, which got my attention. My apricot and peach trees have just set fruits, and this year I am determined to keep them for myself instead of gifting them to the birds.  She told me that for those who have a sweet tooth (a group I rarely join) the enhanced flavor of the essential oils reduces the amount of sugar needed to get the results desired.  She does not skimp on the oils, very expensive additives.

I left the market with a recipe card that gave me many ideas about putting my new darling ingredient to use.  I had a long drive ahead of me, but when I arrived in Tucson her suggestion of trying a small amount of the rose sugar to flavor a fine whiskey was still in my mind.  I stopped at the store to find a good rye whiskey to try her idea for my reward at the end of the trail.  Indeed, a very small amount of rose sugar in a glass of rye on the rocks created a unique and exotic cocktail.  I was both happy to be home and felt very lucky that I took the time to listen to the reasons this sugar is different from other sugars.  It is my new favorite ingredient! I am very happy to know that recipe ideas as well as a mail order form are available at Terre Botanicals website.  I highly recommend this fabulous line to all the gentle readers.  A little goes a long, long way, and there is really nothing like it I have seen on the market.

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Wow. I love this concept. Where would one find finishing sugars. I would love to get a couple to add different notes to cocktails or straight liquor.


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

March 13, 2016

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