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Skeleton Prism

April 27, 2016 , , ,



The key fits the opening of the light between the refracting colors swirling down
Slipping the skeleton into the rainbow takes precision, sophistication and heart
Careful with the riptides, the pirate crew left roaming the beach next to the town
The connection must be complete or the inertia of lazy innacuracy will start
To erode the memory and history of mankind leaving the core of the matter exposed
To elements corosive, destructive, mind numbing, passively aggresively confused
With foundations and structure built on mendacity that has been politically superimposed
The atmosphere, the liquids and all the thoughts, have been examined and excused





April is National Poetry Writing Month, aka #NaPoWriMo.  Join the fun reading, writing and living the poetic life.  Try something new!!

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Loving what Pamela Morse has been doing with #NaPoWriMo and even if it’s over , these are poems she did write and post during the 30 days of April event!

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