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Willful Blindness and Inertia

May 4, 2016 , , , ,



As individuals and as groups we all have blind spots.  We accept beliefs without knowing all the facts simply because it is impossible to know all the facts.  Especially in institutional settings we excuse resistance to change as part of keeping to tradition.  If we look back in history we will notice that over time what was at one time considered to be true is now regarded as folly.  Tradition is one thing and resistance to reality is quite another matter.  Institutions protect dysfunctional operations not out of pride, but out of lack of awareness.  The set it and forget it attitude runs strong in institutions and government agencies.  It takes some tragic outcome to bring about change in some cases.  It is impossible to observe one’s own actions if one is willfully blind.  Thus, the blindness begets more blindness, becoming contagious.

What would Sir Isaac Newton think about the conditions that prevail?

  1. The body at rest is our culture, willfully ignoring our real situation
  2. The forces at work driving our society to move are all profit motivated
  3. Every profit has an equal and opposite loss to the environment/humans

No matter who wins the scary American presidential election now taking place, the financial and environmental imbalance will be rampant around the world.  Balance can only be restored through awareness and planning.  Without a plan we will careen ever closer to entropy.  The solution is pre-political.  Our awareness needs to cover all the people places and things with which we have contact.  This energy drain, or misappropriated energy, is needed for the good of the entire planet in order to restore some kind of equilibrium.  Plug the leaks in your own boat today.  We are taking on water and listing to port.

door in the darkness

door in the darkness



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