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Meet the Leaders Quest: Day 11

May 26, 2016

EmpireKred is the only game I play. It is a social atmosphere that values good conduct and good content. Join us during this drive and start Leaders with a big bonus. Get rich fast.

Empire Kred

Over 70 leaders have taken the time to share why they joined the Empire.Kred Leaders. Why? Because they truly believe you should join during the Second Annual Membership Drive. The benefits are always spectacular, and right now, you can get it ON SALE and you’ll share in the TRIPLED Leader Jackpot.  Time is running out… go to the Upgrade Shop and look for the Ultimate Leader Upgrade.

The Meet the Leaders Quest will run through May 31. Catch up with Day 1 Day 2  Day 3 Day 4  Day 5  Day 6  Day 7   Day 8  Day 9 and Day 10. Scroll down for easy directions.

danmurrayDan Murray is a Coach, Mentor, Consultant, Trainer and Business Advisor and has been in the Cleaning, Environmental and Disaster Restoration industry’s for over 30 years. He shares tips and techniques to help any service business owner. He highly…

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Are you going to upgrade? I would love to hear your thoughts about it.
I am not so adept in this arena. I don’t get Empire.Kred and I have no interest in upgrading my acct with Kred though they keep pushing me to do so.


I did Leaders on Empire Avenue when it first came out. My Kred account does not work at all and I would never pay for it. I don’t think many will. It has no real effect on the game. I ignore that part because they can’t make it work.I am not sure why Kred bought Empire Avenue.


Pamela Morse

May 31, 2016

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