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Slipping Standards of American Justice

July 7, 2016 , , , , , ,

The daily reports of violence make life in America scary and real. I see the trend that has been targeting young black males, but I am a little old lady, as WASP as WASP can be. I do not trust the police as far as I can throw them.  They make my neighborhood very unsafe by refusing to respond when crime is reported.  I don’t fear brutality, but everyone where I live has suffered years of police mendacity that has destroyed any trust there might have been in our local law enforcement agencies.  The new sliding scale introduced for the unprecedented Hillary e mail case is all about intent.  Now it is more important to decide if the entity meant do violate laws rather than to know if laws were broken.  That is how there can be a homicide with no person who committed it.  The crazy trend to reach a verdict without any trial or jury, by letting the FBI decide, or by letting cops murder people without even arresting them has gone way too far.  We are not safe in our homes or on the streets of our cities.  The system is not rigged, per se, it is just entirely corrupt.  It is not a matter of good cop/bad cop. It is a dysfunctional system that is not attached to justice, but to a separate reality in which there is no law but their opinion.  My Puritan ancestors would plotz to know what has become of their nation.

What would the ancestors do?

  • Create a public school system for the purpose of teaching civics
  • Reward those who tattle on any infraction of the law
  • Publicly shame those who break the law
  • Keep a very close watch on the constable to avoid corruption
  • Make every man woman and child defend the nation through service
  • Punish everyone who deviated from their religious beliefs (that was where they lost it and went off the rails)

We can never go back to colonial America to find out how we lost our ethical boundaries and our civil rights.   Murders by cop are live streamed to the world today.  I have not watched this last one because I saw the one from Baton Rouge yesterday, and I can’t take in another one.  The victim’s mother has decided not to watch it for her own mental health.  We need to find a way to stop the bloodbath. I am calling on all my relations to give me insight into this crisis.

white senior issues

white senior issues


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This is such a great post.. and brings to light in a very calm manner the issues that need to be addressed. (No, there is no avoiding it.)

Liked by 1 person

Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

July 10, 2016

Thanks, Stevie..there is no avoiding it.


Pamela Morse

July 10, 2016

The Zeitgeist seems to be dominated by people who want to divide society into “us” versus “them.” I appreciate the authors desire to take a holistic point if you in analyzing the problems faced in modern society.


Dwayne Conyers

July 10, 2016

Thanks Dwayne. The division has become both large and petty at the same time. Freaky


Pamela Morse

July 11, 2016

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