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New Moon, New Birth Chart

August 1, 2016 , , , , ,

Buhl Planetarium

Buhl Planetarium

I have been interested in astronomy as well as astrology since I was very young. We went to the Buhl Planetarium when I was a child, and I loved every minute of my time there.  I was lucky that my family frequently went, as well as school classes and Brownie troops.  I became a regular. I have a vivid memory of the giant pendulum and the big Tesla coil.  I had my own Tesla coil at home (aka cattle prod) which I used to replicate some of the shows we saw at the planetarium.  It thrilled me to shoot sparks from my fingertips and make my friends’ hair stand on end.

I had my first astrology chart written when I was about 25, but I don’t know what happened to it.  I have learned more on the subject of astrology as I turned my attention to medical history and folk medicine.  Until recently (and still now in many places) a good physician would take note of the heavens and use their powers to enhance healing.  Old pharmacies in Europe still have the astrological signs as decorative and symbolic art used in the design of the interior and sometimes exterior of the buildings.  They often have a water fountain shaped like a healing snake as well, for taking one’s medicine.  I have read about both Chinese and western astrology, but have not learned much on the subject of vedic astrology, an Indian version said to be very interesting.  I don’t live my whole life by it, but I observe the changes in the sky and notice what seems to be happening.  Tomorrow we will have a most auspicious new moon in Leo with the sun in Leo, and my birth sign planet, Uranus, in retrograde.  What in the world will this mean?

As I am digging out more and more stuff to discard I found an original document (my baby book) that shows my time of birth as 10:01 am, rather than the 11 am I had always used.  I quickly called the astrologer who did my most recent chart, Dr Loretta Sandley, and had a quick consultation. I still have Aires rising but all the houses have shifted.  I am no expert. I relay on the diagrams to better understand my chart. Now all my internal geometry has changed!!!! I ordered a new birth chart with my revised birth time and will very soon receive my new diagrams.  She gives very detailed information, and I look forward to comparing it all to the one I have been using for so many years.  Dr. Loretta gave me some very good hints in our conversation, which I have contemplated since, but I will need the visual before I can start to digest the difference.

Do you follow astrology, gentle reader?  Have you found it to be a useful tool?  I am all worked up about the new beginning in a new moon when I will see the new me!!! I guess this is a shift in my self-image.  Aires is all about image anyhow, so this should prove to be very revealing.


Tesla coil

Tesla coil

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I like it for creative inspiration. Though, I did have my chart done, and it pretty much explained why I was…well, it’s not a polite term, an a-kicker. laugh Mars in the right places.

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The Chaos Realm

August 2, 2016

Don’t you just love it when you get new information? I bet you will find things that fit you better and more precisely!


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

August 9, 2016

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