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Beach, Biker Bar, Bar Mitzvah, a Magical Trifecta

August 3, 2016 , , , ,



Yogananda's surfers

Yogananda’s surfers

Yogananda's koi

Yogananda’s koi

I am pumped, gentle readers. I am embarking on a road trip to one of my favorite destinations on earth. I love Cardiff-by- the-Sea, California. This suburb of Encinitas has everything I want in a destination…..beautiful beach, a classic biker dive bar with great rock and roll ( right across the street from the beach), and many good friends who live in the area of North County San Diego.

The Kraken

The Kraken

At home in Tucson I rarely go out and night and have not been out dancing for ages.  The music at the Kraken usually suits me to a T, and there is no need to choose a partner in order to dance.  It is not that kind of bar.  It is a bar for locals, bikers, and everyone who wants to preserve 1975 for eternity… kind of place.  I have found an Airbnb accommodation that has everything I every hoped for in an accommodation. I can park ( this is a very big deal in this neighborhood) and walk 5 blocks to the beach and/or the Kraken and walk right back up the hill to go home. I will have a balcony with an ocean view ( pretty excited about that aspect).

The big event of the weekend is a Bar Mitzvah celebration for my good friend’s son, Ben Levy. After the service we will go to a trampoline park in Vista for the party.  This will be the best Bar Mitzvah party I have attended…I know already.  I am really into trampolines, and not that into your typical after Bar Mitzvah party. I have attended my share, but never been offered a chance to trampoline.  Go Benny, what a great decision!!!!!!!  I will be very happy to share your special trope and tramp day with you and the family.  California, here I come!

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Great biker girl photo of you!

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August 3, 2016

Thanks, Justine…my next role


Pamela Morse

August 3, 2016

LOVE that woodie. OMG that’s such a classic and it’s well preserved. WOW! So impressed.


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

August 10, 2016

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