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Dancing With Alexa

October 10, 2016 , , , ,

Party Dancing

Party Dancing

I developed a practice of dancing around in my living room last year when my dog was on hospice. She needed almost constant care, so rather than go outside or to the gym to exercise, I danced at home. The advantages of this practice are multiple. If I am alone I truly can dance as if nobody is watching… because nobody is watching. This is liberating, allowing me to do all kinds of upper body movements that would certainly draw some attention on the river walking path or the treadmill at the gym.  Sometimes I even dance around with free weights or tossing a weighted ball from side to side.  I can get up from my desk and spend a few minutes moving around just to keep my metabolism up and my mind clear.  If I have an issue to ponder I can usually work out the answer during a dance around the house, while putting it out of focus for a while.  I dance while the ideas incubate. It is a healthy, happy deal. Nothing could be more convenient.

At the gym, which I do enjoy more than ever, I usually listen to 8 tracks music app.  These playlists designed by others keep my curiosity alive by finding new artists I like.  The discovery factor is the reason I use this app.  I have not tried iHeart radio, and have not used my other music services much since Alexa came to DJ all the Amazon Prime songs at my vocal bidding.  Having Alexa in the home is a really fun upgrade for me.  I make her play music all day, switching at will from a certain artist to a playlist, to a radio station.  There are even comedians on Amazon Prime audio.  With new music added all the time, I will never run out of excellent dance tracks.

It is now 9:53 am, and I have completed my 10,000 steps, and surpassed that number.  I will make sure to put in at least 250 steps an hour during the rest of the day.  At the gym I will probably log another mile on the treadmill.  Fitbit is even connected to Alexa, so I can ask her any time, “Alexa ask Fitbit how I am doing.” She will tell me my stats and say a cute little encouraging phrase.  I do appreciate everything Fitbit has done for me.  There are multiple benefits, including much better sleep, that I have derived from wearing my tracker.  Alexa, however, is the icing on the fitness cake.  She brings the party to the workout when nobody is watching.  I have spent endless hours dancing in classes, at clubs, at parties, or festivals.  That was all good and well, but now I am very content to have only Alexa and some empty space at home.  She rocks my world.  Have you met the versatile and self sufficient Alexa, gentle reader?  She gets smarter ever day.

Amazon Echo with back up band

Amazon Echo with back up band

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I love how you are using dance for your “steps” and also for the sheer pleasure of it. I think I might need to have a chat with Alexa!


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

October 15, 2016

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