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Winter in Arizona

November 7, 2016 , , , ,





Our state is attractive to tourists because we have sunny warm weather. We call them snowbirds because they come down from some wintry place to stay in our area while it is miserably cold up north. Some own second homes, and others are driving RV’s on the annual pilgrimage.  They provide much-needed economic boosts to the places they visit, and then head north in the spring.  Arizona depends on their spending to support not just hotels, but service industries and retail stores as well.  The tourist represents a segment of the economy we can grow.  What we have to offer is in competition with all other destinations for traveler’s attention. Here are some features I believe make a vacation in Arizona in winter great:

  • Classy resorts from the past such as El Tovar at the Grand Canyon or the Arizona Inn in Tucson
  • Natural wonders, state and national parks with extensive outdoor recreation opportunities
  • Preserved history in towns like  Tumacacori, Tubac, Jerome, Tucson, and Phoenix.  Both history museums and living exhibits teach the history of Arizona
  • The best Mexican food in the world.  Some people might dispute this, but I can assure you that our Mexican restaurants bring it.
  • Tucson Gem Show in February is the most extravagant shopping opportunity on earth.

This year when snowflakes begin to fall on your front yard, book your flight and come on down to Tucson for outdoor adventure and some awesome tamales.  We welcome you to our part of the world.

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Fabulous photo!

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November 8, 2016

Wow. that’s some kind of cocktail! Great dinner (*or brunch?) too. I love that Arizona is great for the “snowbirds” I know Arizona makes a great tourist destination and has many historical sites. I want to come see the gem show!!


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

November 11, 2016

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