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Cause Of Death

December 14, 2016 , , ,



heart disease

heart disease

I just found a site with an interactive map of statistics about life expectancy in the United States.  I am delighted to see that Arizona is light to moderate in the heart disease category, but this map looks bleak under homicide.  Pima County’s rate is lower than some.  Apache County is the worst place for death by homicide in Arizona, followed by Navajo County.  At a glance the national map for homicide is telling.  The highest rates stretch across the southern states, with interesting pockets in west Texas of low probability.  I think that is because nobody lives there.

I wonder how this will change over time.  My guess is that it will only intensify in the way it appears now.  Arizona is in terrible shape under death by liver disease, and I can guess that is all about alcohol. I tend to think of health in personal terms, but when I see these figures I see we are in a public health crisis of epic proportions.  I urge you to look up your county and state to see what is happening.  I am surprised, and I believe you will be too, gentle reader.  How can we work to improve these statistics?  This is a bigger question than health insurance and drug companies bring to our attention.

What do you think?

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I think part of the problem (when it comes to heart disease) is our healthcare system in general. At this time, there is more money to be made in illness than in wellness (and prevention). I’m not sure how that could be flipped when you factor in surgeons and other specialists, pharmaceuticals, and probably other areas I’m forgetting at the moment.

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December 14, 2016

You are so right, Robin. The incentive is all there to make people sick, and then make money on each procedure. Thanks for that astute observation.


Pamela Morse

December 14, 2016

Wow! Very interesting maps and comparisons. Definitely glad you shared this!


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

December 27, 2016

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