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Beggars Can’t Be Choosers. Be A Chooser

December 19, 2016 , , ,

choose cash

choose cash

Many have commented on the year 2016 with great remorse and sorrow.  We lost many great lives and some people also lost elections.  The situation on the ground is restless and tense.  Many are organizing protests and boycotts to show their disdain.  Somewhere in excess of 41% of American registered voters did not vote in the presidential election.  It is equally tragic to not have the right to vote as it is to not bother to use the right to vote.  Our issues are bigger than the trivial excuses given for the status quo.  We are on the verge of some political and economic changes of great proportion, in my opinion.

The phrase beggars can’t be choosers works for me in our political atmosphere because so many refused to make any choice.  I hear a lot of loose talk about civil rights, freedom, and the run of the mill American token slogans about what we the people deserve or need to demand.  If we could demand that our fellow citizens participate in our democracy we would be wise.  Without participation, without any involvement with the political process the citizenry forfeits any right to equal treatment under the law.  Protesting makes some kind of statement, but will not address the ignorance and lack of trust running rampant.

I believe that to improve the lives of Americans across the country we need to involve everyone.  Choosers are not beggars, but since we passed up that option we will go around with begging bowls for years. We beg to fill the political party coffers once more to begin this process  of electing our leaders.    I don’t think this is a positive way to remedy our problems.  If we involve and engage with our community right where we live and act with discernment and ethical will we can make positive change.  End this begging, whining, complaining, and ragging on “the other side”.  Go to work learning what you can to be able to make a real choice.  Make choosing a priority to replace judging.  Make smart decisions about the food you eat, the entertainment you  consume, the content you read, and the contacts with whom you associate.  Decide to pay with cash rather than build up interest debt.  Free yourself from that burden so many carry.  Choose wisely, choose constantly, and choose with care.  Exercise your right to choose with discernment, and refine that ability.

choose wisely

choose wisely

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Pam, this is a terrific post. I think you make excellent points that we need to start local and move up the food chain, It makes sense for everyone to take a personal inventory and get organized and then to turn and ask our leadership to do the same. We can’t depend on slick talk from people who want to be elected to office to solve all our problems. BUT we can ask important questions and evaluate answers for authenticity and transparency.
Doing that will prevent or discourage those who would seek to rip their constituency off …. and make money off those voters.

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Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

December 20, 2016

Thanks a lot Stevie. We all have to work on this problem because we all created it.


Pamela Morse

December 20, 2016

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