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The Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly

December 28, 2016 , , ,

My father used to play this on his guitar, and sing it to me throughout my childhood. Burl Ives made the song popular.  I vividly remember both my dad and Burl on television, singing the song.  I knew all the words and sang along with gusto.  I thought it was funny, but now I know it is also ironic.  This is a story about dependent arising. One thing leads to another. It may be a metaphor in a children’s story, but it applies to many circumstances in real life.

Many are suggesting that by unraveling the election and the campaign we will learn something to liberate ourselves.  I think not.  If we would, however, review the path taken to arrive at this political point in our national life we would have to admit that we, the people, are apathetic.  If the population pays no attention, and allows the much despised congress to have its way with us, they will surely continue to serve themselves more than they serve us.  There is an established trajectory now of the congressional mission.  They are allowed to campaign full time and serve the citizens very little.  They have been able to use lobbyists to write the legislation they will pass with little input for constituents at home.  Everyone complains about this, but nobody has voted it out of office. How do you think this ends?

The latest warning I have heard about was a big family argument over the holiday at my friend’s dinner table.  Her sister-in-law is Venezuelan, which is close to my heart because I lived there in the 60’s.  The Venezuelan lady was at odds with her own husband about how dangerous it is to normalize what seems to be extreme fascism.  She has lived in Tucson for a long time, but is still connected to her home.  My friend said the topic provided grist for the family anger mill all evening.  I relate to this because I still know some friends from my youth who are living in Caracas today.  Some have moved to the states to live a safe life.  What was once a prosperous country is completely out of toilet paper and food.  There is little security.  The position in which they find themselves now was the result of a series of actions taken in the distant past. I agree with my friend’s sister-in-law, who is much younger than I am, and witnessed the demise of the economy in person.  Perhaps Venezuela will swallow a horse and end the madness.  It would be very sad.  It would also be sad if we learn nothing from their history.  We have swallowed a fly…….what shall we do about it, gentle reader?





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Love Judy Collins. She’s a fave of my husband!
I know and can feel the dissonance from the holiday re the socio/political culture at this moment.
We might have to swallow that fly, but that doesn’t mean it has to stay down.


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

December 29, 2016

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