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Recommit To Fitbit

January 6, 2017 , , , ,

waterproof fitbit

waterproof fitbit

I have used a Fitbit for tracking my movement and sleep for years. Recently the battery has started to lose the charge very quickly, indicating end of life issues for my tracker.  I thought about just going without it, but decided to re-enlist by purchasing a Fitbit 2, which is waterproof. I have slacked on recording much of the data on the app since my life is going well.  To get the most out of my new device I will put it to full use b giving it data.  It is easy to record water and foods consumed in the log.  By being lazy at the data recording I fail to notice how I can improve on my dietary habits.  This is the simplest step to better health and yet I am not doing it.  There are logs for resting heart rate and hours of sleep which I have ignored for over a year.  When I needed help with my sleep the knowledge gained from my monitor was of supreme help.  I found ways to sleep longer and more deeply by watching my statistics carefully. Once I conquered my sleep issues I stopped recording the data.

I did get a good deal on my new fitness tracker, but it will only be a good deal if I use it to the fullest benefit.  I do not accept friends or do challenges with the app, but think I will be healthier if I pay attention to the diet/sleep/water/calorie intake/weight data.  When the new apparatus arrives my plan is to give it all the information it can process.  If we are fitness partners there is no point in trying to hide from my own truth.  Fitness and health are complex issues. They are influenced by habits and social norms.  We know what is healthy and good for our bodies, but must practice awareness to stay in a healthy groove.  Fitbit 2 will be on my team, but I am still the leader of my own wellness program.  Do you use a fitness tracker, gentle reader? Have you been faithful to logging all the data, or have you been a slacker like me?

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I use a fitbit and I do record my data. I track my steps on a daily basis and don’t worry about sleep, water or what have you. I wear the fitbit faithfully. At the end of the month, I record my daily steps in my bullet journal in a steps tracker I’ve drawn in. I give myself a star for any day that I walk over 5K steps. In this manner, I can see if my exercise has fallen behind or increased. I like letting fitbit do the daily record keeping for me. It helps make it easier to do my daily log. Plus, it sends me an email when my battery is getting low.

Keep up with your fitbit. 🙂 It is a great tool.


Wendy Van Camp

January 6, 2017

The use of a bullet journal is a good idea. I just started one…I think I will make a place for steps. Thank you for the good idea, Wendy. I relate to stars because I got stars for book reports in 3rd grade…It made me obsessive about getting one daily.

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Pamela Morse

January 6, 2017

I love the idea of Fitbit but I wouldn’t use one. It’s an interesting concept but I want something #MORE from devices like that . You seem to be pretty self-motivated to use that. Impressive. I am anxious to hear how the waterproof one will work out for you


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

January 17, 2017

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