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Sunday Rejuvenation, Brunch

January 8, 2017 , , , , ,



The keeping of a sabbath on Saturday or Sunday is traditional in religious America. A day of complete rest, apart from the daily grind, was intended to be devoted to prayer and meditation on divinity.  Today the religion of twitter has launched #SelfCareSunday as a tribute to taking a real break from the worries and stresses of modern life.  This practice is viewed from different perspectives by many proponents of self-care.  I have been reading lately about the Danish practice of Hygge, a simplistic, holistic way to stay centered and happy.  This lifestyle concept is not related to religion, but does promote mindful awareness of simple pleasures, such as entertaining friends.  Gathering to share cozy comforts is essential to maintaining community and identity in society. A good laugh and a delicious meal with friends can heal the wounds inflicted by the tragic news of the day. I like the idea of taking one meal every week to be mindful of our habits.

Here are a few ideas for #SelfCareSunday Brunch:

  • Picnic in a park or natural setting
  • Silent potluck brunch, keeping silence while sharing a meal
  • Hiking brunch, bring a backpack and climb to a destination
  • Restaurant with dining companions, an obvious oldie but goodie
  • Cooking with companions in a home kitchen
  • Informal meet up at a farmers’ market or coffee-house

It is an excellent idea to be extra aware and conscious of self-care for one day a week.  The benefits of rest and relaxation combined with good company can’t be overstated.  We all need a little help from our friends.  Do you have a self-care practice, gentle reader?  Are your Sundays sacred?  What is your favorite way to rejuvenate?

Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunch



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i love the fortune!



January 8, 2017

I have been hearing more and more about the Danish HYGGE… and it’s quite interesting. NICE too . My idea of a great Sunday is heading to a movie or going to a flea market..
I like the cocktails you drink. What is that one?


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

January 18, 2017

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