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#WeekendCoffeeShare, Reaching Conclusions

January 15, 2017 , , , ,



Welcome to a rainy cool afternoon in Tucson. Please take a seat by the wood stove and let me know if you want tea or coffee today. I have expanded my tea collection to fully enjoy and celebrate National Hot Tea Month (January) by rotating white, rioboos, green, oolong, herbal, and chai in various flavors to warm the winter mood. The chocolate chai is very stimulating for those in a spicy mood. Help yourself to some blue cornbread in the skillet, and spread one of the many jams and jellies I have set out for our tasting pleasure. Relax, take a breather with your feet up on the ottoman and your  warm drink at hand. Tell me about your week and your adventures. I look forward to hearing about your news and your writing projects.

If we were having coffee today I would tell you I am pleased to have written another short piece of fiction this week. I used a photo prompt rather than one of my ancestors as the subject. I had a good time with it, and plan to continue to write at least one piece of fiction each week this year.  I think eventually I might be good at either mystery stories or fantasy style fiction.  To keep me going I started a bullet journal to log ideas and find new subjects for my factual posts.  I enjoy this too, but have not been very prolific at posting in it.  My first journal is general purpose and small enough to carry all the time.  I think the size is not ideal for weekly and monthly goals and planning, so I have pulled out a new notebook to begin a larger version tomorrow to go with my portable idea notebook. The large format will help me track my writing goals and develop story lines for fictional work.

I guess our story this week is our birthday month.  Both my partner and I have January birthdays.  His is in Capricorn and mine at the end of the month in Aquarius.  We are downsizing our possessions, so no gift giving is in order for either of us. We like to go out for fine dining when we have an occasion to fête.  Bob chose Feast, one of our favorite restaurants, for his lunch party yesterday.  It was perfect.  I tried to coax him into trying a new place, but he is the Capricorn, and was not into change at this time (or any time, for that matter).  He pointed out that I can choose a place new to us for my birthday dining experience. I have a couple of weeks to decide between a few trendy places I have wanted to try.

There is a small gremlin attacking various working parts of my life.  The filtered water spout the kitchen sink  broke off and needs to be replaced, as does the filter itself.  My vacuum cleaner dumped all the dirt on the floor when I started to empty it.  The latch is broken, so when I take the canister out I must now always hold the bottom so it will not leak all over the floor I just cleaned.  My Triberr feed has lost its mind and forgot to tweet for a couple of days.  This digital tragedy is now being averted by manual tweeting of my tribe members posts. I hope this will be resolved quickly because the manual stuff is taking a load of time.  Last, but not at all least, my car started saying service engine soon on the dash when we drove to lunch yesterday.  It may have an electronic glitch, or a real need to be serviced.  Sadly, this is not something I can jerry rig or do myself.  The car has not been to the mechanic since last February, so I just hope it is not suffering from some major (expensive) ailment.  My mechanic is located very near my home, so I pack my bike and drive home when I drop it off for service.  I have my pressing business and shopping done, so I can live without the car for a few days if I must. I consider myself lucky, but still have my fingers crossed that this will be a minor repair, and the little demon who breaks stuff will leave my life of his own accord.

I have reached several conclusions about our national politics and my mission in life.  I can contribute to and support change and justice best by doing it in my immediate vicinity. The inauguration ceremony may offer the perfect time to go out to a restaurant to enjoy off peak dining.  I don’t plan to watch it, but will probably live tweet it for the comedy involved.  The future will be a mixed, highly unpredictable bag.  My place as a citizen and tax payer is not to jump to any conclusions, but to pay close attention to what happens now.  At the conclusion of Trump’s presidency we can analyze how history is altered.  Now we can only guess. We need to tune in and not tune out. Discernment has never been so important.

Stop by Diana’s blog to take part in the coffee share this week. Share your thoughts, your personal stories, with writers from across the globe who enjoy a digital hot beverage. Thanks for visiting with us today, gentle reader.

blue cornbread

blue cornbread

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Happy birthday to you both! I use songs as writing prompts sometimes. I let my internet radio randomness lead the way. 🙂 I’m with you on the political front — comedy, for sure, but also paying more attention. I wasn’t asleep before, but I’m now more awake than I’ve ever been!

Have a good week.

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January 15, 2017

Thanks Tara. I like the song prompt idea a lot, since I do listen to music all day. Agreed, we will stay at attention now to the unfolding of the next chapter of government.


Pamela Morse

January 15, 2017

I am hoping for a peaceful inauguration and the Woman’s March. I would be at the latter, if possible. Think Positive!

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January 16, 2017

I would love to see you do more fiction. You have quite a vivid imagination. I do know what it means when the digital/sharing options are left to manual it’s a lot of work


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

January 23, 2017

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