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House Plant Happy

January 17, 2017 , , , , ,

kitchen bromeliad

kitchen bromeliad

dining table

dining table

Growing plants is a joy and an art. I enjoy gardening outdoors, but lately I have been reading about improving air quality indoors with house plants. I used to have a large variety of plants in the house, but during the last few years I tried growing orchids.  They are beautiful while blooming, but require very consistent and careful care in order to make them bloom again.  I have killed a couple, and finally after over a year barren, one is sprouting a new flower.  I will not expand on my orchid collection.  I don’t think I have the appropriate amount of patience, and they don’t really want to live in Arizona.  I read that lavender and English ivy are extra active at cleaning the air at night, so I bought those two for my bedroom.  As soon as they were in place I noticed how happy they make me when I see them.  I am sleeping very well, but am not sure the plants really contribute to that.  They are cheery and alive.  If I take care of them properly they will grow and fill my space with more fragrance and clean air.  What is not to like? They are little happiness producers.

I did some transplanting and moving of the existing house plants before I ventured out to the nursery to purchase a few more living decorations.  I did not want to splurge much financially, and even less on space.  Lucky for me, small tropical plants were discounted as were the small bromeliads.  My entire purchase, complete with new pots and saucers, and a new hanging uranium for outside, was just over $50.  Now my whole home is upgraded.  The green dashes of optimistic color cheer me up and remind me of the power of nature to survive.  I do have a very green yard outside the windows, but bringing these little living jungles inside has changed my mood.  I am uplifted by their presence.

Winter doesn’t last long in Tucson, but during the dark time of year we need a little light and cheer to remind us that spring is right around the corner.  I fill the humming bird feeders and light the fire in the wood stove. while darkness turns slowly to light.  I listen to beautiful music and light a few candles in the evening to create a cozy feeling. The plants have added a sweet touch to the space. Do you grow houseplants, gentle reader?  Do you have a favorite?

Alexa's palm tree

Alexa’s palm tree


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Love your houseplants – particularly the bromeliad!


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

January 23, 2017

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