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Say It In Latin, Fiat Justitia

February 22, 2017 , , ,

The term fiat justitia (et ruat caelum) means let justice be done (though the heavens fall).  In other words, justice is the most important of all things to be done.  In our society justice has been left to wither and die.  Social injustice has overcome the masses and the inequity of income inequality is taken for granted.  The vast majority of the American population has little knowledge of finances or government.  They have no political will, so to speak, because the lack the education to discern right from wrong and lawful from criminal. They have been trampled by unjust and corrupt institutions that no longer have legitimate authority.  We are in a crisis of ignorance. This volatile time in history will certainly change the world. The question is, will we wake up in time to make a change for the better?

We have been hypnotized to believe that justice is no longer possible.  I like what this trippy Irish guy has to say about this.  We are our own judges, gentle readers.

What do you think?

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Excellent, had to Tweet, Google+, and send to some friends. Thank you for saying concisely what, we have all been thinking.



February 23, 2017

Thank you very much Liz.

Liked by 1 person

Pamela Morse

February 24, 2017

You are welcome Pamela.



February 24, 2017

I thought we as a global entity and we as a nation were making progress, but clearly we have stepped back more than a few paces. #colormedisappointed


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

March 3, 2017

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