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A Month Of Snail Mail

February 28, 2017 , , ,

#InCoWriMo supplies

#InCoWriMo supplies

Today is the last day of #InCoWriMo, International Correspondence Writing Month. I just achieved one of my goals, which was to use all the 37 cent stamps I inherited form my mother in 2008. I had 18 left, and used them on an international package. Now I will be able to use forever stamps forever.  I found out about this month by associating with some bullet journal people on social media. They write down and draw in their journals to be more creative and archive ideas for writing.  I started the BuJu-ing, but am not very prolific with the journalling.  I might get into it, because it is a very valid way to stimulate creativity.

I do make some iPad art, digital style, but have thought for a while the manual side of my skill set has been left to atrophy.  Indeed, my cursive writing has become a thing of the past. I will never be able to compete with the pen pals with beautiful handwriting, but pen pals don’t compete.  I have found that waiting to see what is in the mailbox as well as composing an artful response has become a real joy. I have just barely made a dent in the card collection with which I started the month. Inspired by my BuJu and calligraphy pals, I have bought some finger color ink and some sealing wax to make my mail more exciting and individual.  Some new designer stamps will arrive in the mail soon, and today I purchased some international stamps to keep in touch with my new friends in Canada and England.  The handwritten mail reveals more about the sender than digital communication.  I have instantly become fond of my letter writing friends. I plan to write to them until all the cards are gone.

I have met artists of various kinds, gardeners, crochet and knitting crafters, a book binder, and many who are into botany and botanical gardens.  I mentioned my botanical interests when I publicly listed my mailing address, so I attracted many like minded plant lovers. Now a group has been formed on Facebook for a combination of correspondence and poetry for the month of April.  I think I can get behind that challenge also, since I already write 30 poems in 30 days for #NaPoWriMo in April.  I might be really cool to write them out and decorate them ..and send them away in the mail.  It is really kind of mysterious.  I like many retro trends, but am surprised by how much I delight in this one.  Do you write snail mail, gentle reader?  I am still collecting addresses, so if you want a card..or possibly a poem, in the snail mail, give me your mailing address here.  I would never share it with anyone else.

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I would love to learn more about Bullet Journaling. I think that composing a letter is thoughtful. The task is actually the penmanship that you speak of and I have similar issues. My handwriting has deteriorated so much. But I used to do a pen & ink sort of geometric doodling that was pretty fun. Something I need to do again.


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

March 13, 2017

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