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Planet Post Up – Jupiter Square Pluto, Mercury in Taurus, Saturn Retrograde, Venus Retrograde

March 31, 2017

Change in the heavens


April promises to be a month of significant change. And shift. And shifting change.  Seemingly constant and not ever letting up.  True.  Remember that the universe is always encouraging us to grow and to reach and to change.  It’s not about being stagnant…it’s about being in movement. April is one of those months when it feels like we are constantly being pushed to do that.  In every area of our lives.  Venus (love, romance, relationships, money), Mercury (communication, transit, tech), and Saturn (life lessons, growing up, restriction) are all being activated this month.

The largest planet is going to square the smallest planet today.  Jupiter and Pluto.  A heady dose of change is coming our way.  For all of us.

Mercury is set to go retrograde on April 10. And he’ll move into Taurus, too.  So a little more grounded, in the earthy stable sign of Taurus.  But a retrograde…

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Boy I do know this feeling! This retrograde is going to be heavy-handed this time. LOTS going on!


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

April 5, 2017

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