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#NaPoWriMo Drowning Dreams

April 10, 2017 , , ,

gathering storm

gathering storm

The deck heaved and moaned under the pressure of the storm
No crew, no passengers, were brave enough to go outside
They felt a certain doom as the flooded staterooms forewarned
Death by drowning on the high seas, washing ashore with the tide
No lifeboat nor anchor remained to offer a chance of survival
Lost in the darkness, tossed by high winds, this ship awaits the arrival
Of the grimmest reaper of all, Neptune’s servants fish for treasure
Treacherous currents and winds aloft will assist with the desperate measure

Beware of dreams that drag you from your own familiar shore

Your stable secure feeling may be impossible to restore

Join writers all over the world creating poetry in the month of April. National Poetry Writing Month is for everyone.  Find some new material, or submit a piece of your own under the hashtags above, or at the #NaPoWriMo site.


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I was sure I had posted to this but clearly it didn’t take. I love your #NaPoWriMo entry for today. The photo prompt is very eerie…. and the poetry matches quite well


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

April 15, 2017

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