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#NaPoWriMo Rewind

April 11, 2017 , , ,


Casa Grande Ruins

Casa Grande Ruins

There is no rewind button for the story of your life
The plot thickens when you fall asleep, depleting shelf life
There is no knowledge of the the time that remains to spend
It could go on forever, or it could suddenly crash, burn, and end
Nature takes time to produce majesty, power, and wonder
In a flash floodwater, centuries of culture are torn asunder
Watch your past for hints of what will reveal itself in the present
Karma is waiting with situations you will not be able to circumvent


Join poets around the world reading, writing, and reciting poetry in the month of April.  Follow the hashtags on social media, and find new poetry here, at the #NaPoWriMo site.  Try your hand at writing a poem using one of the many prompts available all month. Enjoy!!

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Great piece x



April 12, 2017

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