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#SelfCareSunday Efforts And Rewards

May 22, 2017 , , , , , ,



The essence of effective self care is self knowledge.  If you begin to understand yourself just as you are it becomes easier to please your senses and intellect. Your body craves healthy food and activity, and your mind thrives on stimulating conversation and reading.  Writing, art projects, and journaling lead one to discover inner talents and insights.  Clearing or updating personal space is an ongoing project that gives great satisfaction.  Creating excellent work and play environments in your own home make life much more pleasurable.

I like simple pleasures like beautiful plants and fresh foods.  Since I like to cook and find it therapeutic, I can always spend an afternoon in the kitchen having fun.  On Sundays I like to prepare food for the week.  Bob takes a meal from home to work with him most days, so I pack a few servings to get a head start on the week.  If I also take time to do some deep cleaning tasks on the weekend, my work during the week is lightened, and I enjoy the clean environment. I know cooking and cleaning might not sound like self care tasks to you, but in my mind they are basic. I don’t pay others to do these things for me, so making it an adventure in creative homemaking is my only good healthy option.  I feel accomplished and well cared for when I have some chores finished. I then relax completely.

I do not plan an entire day of effort without some direct rewards.  I often make sweets and desserts on the weekends, and clean my bathroom extra well.  I treat myself to some sweet concoction and take a lovely long soaking bath in my sparkling clean tub.  I use essential oils of lavender and grapefruit, and take a tall glass of iced tea to drink while I soak.  This is at least as good as being at a 5 star hotel for me, because I don’t have to travel back home…I am home!! I provide my own room service, slip into my own bed with fresh linens, and sleep soundly.

How do you make your weekends work to combine tasks that must be done with some relaxation and fun?  Everyone has a personal style, which is why  each person knows best how to be true to that style.



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I love the rewards you work into your Sunday routine. Great idea! X

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J M Hamby

May 22, 2017



Pamela Morse

May 22, 2017

I like how you plan your days. I do a lot of cooking somewhat in advance.. cooking for more servings than can be eaten in one day helps. Cleaning more on weekends during dead time is smart.


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