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Tea Tuesday, Black Passionfruit

May 23, 2017 , , , ,

black passionfruit sun tea

black passionfruit sun tea

Summer is hitting Arizona this week with temperatures over 100 every day. We need to seek shade and stay hydrated. There are many pleasant ways to accomplish these goals. The one advantage of the strong hot sun is our ability to brew a jar of sun tea in a relatively short time.  I brewed a gallon of this delightful passionfruit black Ceylon tea with natural fruit this morning in my back yard.  The fruit flavor is not overpowering like some flavored teas can be.  It is present more as an aftertaste that lingers on the taste buds.  The tea has a tropical style.  It is high in caffeine, so I ice it liberally in the glass to tone it down a bit.  I still get a mild buzz from a couple of glasses. Some black teas disagree with my digestive system, but this one goes down very well all day. It makes a perfect substitute for hot coffee in the morning on a hot day.

The taste is strong enough to pair with grilled foods or spicy dips and finger foods.  Since Tuesday is time for tacos in many places, a big pitcher of this iced tea pairs well with the food, and compliments family style or buffet meal service. At our house we go through about a gallon of tea every day between two people.  We guzzle it at home and Bob takes a big thermos with him to work.  I put the tea jar out in the sun every morning  unless it is pouring rain. The cost for a glass of this exquisite tea is about 10 cents.  The tea is easy to store and light to ship.  All we add is the water.  We like it much better than bottled drinks, and we must save a lot of money by brewing our own in the yard.

We enjoy switching the kind of tea we drink each day to keep things exciting.  I like shopping at Adagio because the variety is great, and expands all the time.  All the products are all of high quality and very good value.  I have a bigger collection of teas than most people ( maybe 30 bags on hand now), but it is one of our basic pleasures.  Tea is our thirst quenching flavor companion all year, but in the summer we consume more as the temperature rises.  I raise a glass of iced tea to you, gentle reader.  Cheers!

black passionfruit sun tea

black passionfruit sun tea

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That tea looks, and sounds, delicious.


Tena Carr

May 28, 2017

This sounds like a heavenly tea! I know the Adagio website. I used to buy a lot of tea from them.


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