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#WeekendCoffeeShare Gourmet Staycation In Tucson

May 28, 2017 , , , , ,

If we were having coffee this week in Tucson I would point out to you how dead the city is now. Obviously people leave to escape the heat. The snowbirds, the students, and everyone who can afford to go elsewhere for the summer have left the city. The businesses cut hours and do what they can to stay in business when their regular customers are basically all gone. If you were here now I would recommend you spend the night in a resort for less than half the winter rate, or dine at one of our fancier restaurants offering a summer special. For those of us who stay all year, this is a time to take advantage of the off peak bargains and less crowded streets.  Everything is air conditioned, so you will not melt.

Please sit down and let me pour you some iced tea from the extensive collection. I have place an order for new teas, arriving any day, so I am taking inventory of all the teas I need to use in the order they were purchased. I have so many flavors, but this is a basic pleasure in our lives, as well as a healthy way to consume herbs and water. I get really excited about the prospect of new teas I have not tried. Next week my collection will have expanded to about 40 choices. I am drinking a honey bush mango with a fruity taste. What is your favorite kind of tea? I probably have it on hand.  I hope you like the Allman Brothers Band.  I am playing a tribute until further notice.  I will turn down the volume because I want to listen to your stories.  What is happening in your life and writing this week? I had an average writing week.  I took one day off (yesterday) and produced nothing of great note.  I wrote anther tea review, and am starting to like that segment.  Are you trying any new ideas in your writing?

We enjoyed a superb brunch downtown yesterday in the spirit of off-peak excursions. We went to the Coronet, a restaurant we really enjoy but seldom frequent. We like the decor in a restored historical property. The service is always excellent, but with fewer customers it is even better now. The real reason we go is for the innovative menu and bar choices. Yesterday’s brunch was a perfect example.  Bob loved his eggs Florentine with gravlax.  I had a wonderful dish of poached eggs over grits served with black beans. Bob’s Bloody Mary had fabulous garnishes, including a picked tomatillo.  That is the item I plan to knock off and use at home.  I had never thought of doing that, but am a huge fan of the tomatillo, a green fruit that is NOT a tomato. We not only had the restaurant almost to ourselves, but the entire 4th Avenue shopping district was empty.  We spent some time in a used book store, where I managed to buy just a single book.  On the way home we stopped for ice cream at our favorite parlor, The Screamery.  We each had full punch cards for a free scoop.  We loved our dessert then took home a pint of blueberry cheesecake.  All in all, it was a superb little holiday with all the gourmet trimmings.  I am in the minority but I honestly love summer in Tucson.  The hot ghost town suits me perfectly. You may want to jump in the pool before you head out.  Stay hydrated.  Take an iced tea with you.  By any measure it is hot outside. You may want to stop and get some ice cream.

book shopping

book shopping

ice cream

ice cream

This movable digital beverage drinking party is hosted each week by Emily at Nerd in the Brain.  Please join writers from around the world for a chat and a digital drink each weekend. Read, write, comment and share.



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Looks tasty and fun. Thanks for sharing.

Liked by 1 person


May 28, 2017

Looks like the perfect place to avoid the heat – and a perfect time to avoid tourists 🙂

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May 28, 2017

This looks so tasty! What a great time/weekend you had. I think the Coronet and the Screamery sound perfect for a hot weekend (or any weekend really)


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