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#SelfCareSunday Define Indulgence

June 4, 2017 , , ,

pool with rainbow

pool with rainbow

This Sunday I did some work very early in the day to free myself for the rest of the day, and into tomorrow. I have my big indulgence of the month scheduled for tomorrow morning, my facial. This is my biggest self indulgence, without which I believe I would feel deprived. I go to a fantastic esthetician I have trusted for many years.  She is the bomb.  When I worked at spas I indulged in body work, facials, and all kinds of treatments on a very regular basis. I no longer feel the need for the entire high maintenance line up, but my skin and my mental attitude really benefits from my facial.

One reason I reduced the time and money spent on spa and health endeavors was budget. However, once I noticed how much time was returned to my schedule for any activity I choose I think I reduced my consumption more just to regain the unscheduled time. If I had unlimited funds to spend on treatments I would add a few things, but would probably not want to devote as much time as I used to for that sort of thing. I would rather have time to go to the gym and the steam room regularly because that is essential to my wellbeing. I would probably also spend large chucks of time at hot springs. For now I am happy with my condo village’s pool and jacuzzi, which I access with only a short walk. When I get up before dawn and watch the day begin from the deep end all is right with the world.

I think it is important to indulge oneself in healthy ways.  The real question is what is indulgence. I know I have redefined it for myself and am happier for it.  I had a large carbon footprint and the “need” for all kinds of services when I was younger.  Now I like a good walk in the botanical garden with my neighbor better than a class, and a long soak in my own tub on Sunday evening better than any spa ritual I have bought and paid for in the past.  The kingdom of spa is within you.

What is your best and favorite indulgence? Have you changed the way you look at that over time?  I think it is good to compare value for time/money with everything in existence in order to hone one’s own best ways to pamper and sooth body and soul.


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I love your photo for this post. .. and I love your topic even more. I used to get a fair amount of stuff done– but mostly massages and an occasional facials. I like facials but I don’t like people trying to sell me skincare. However I do think you are right about facials being a solid self-care thing. I do get acupuncture done 1x a week and I often get myofascial body work done too. Depends on that practtiioner’s schedule because she books out fast (I already booked July and need to get on the books for August).
I do walk a lot and I do spend time on exercise including pilates, barre and other kinds of workouts. (lately I have gotten into a workout called POUND. it’s fun and relieves a lot of tension). Lately I have been taking a nap ..(30-40 minutes). Doesn’t happen every day but it does help me relax and regain energy.
Most of the time, my self-care is about meeting up a friend for coffee or lunch or a movie. I find time spent away from home and working is a good thing to do..


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