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#TeaTuesday Peppermint Butler

June 6, 2017 , , ,

I have rediscovered Peppermint Butler tea this summer. I ordered it in the winter, enjoying it immensely as a cup of hot tea. It is mildly caffeinated, so I sometimes drank it instead of morning coffee for a change.  It contains vanilla flavored Ceylon tea, vanilla flavored oolong tea , peppermint, and candy canes.  Even though it has been in the tin for a long time, the mint flavor is still strong, probably because of the candy canes crushed in the mix.  It is not overly sweet or too minty, but has a unique taste.  It is my current favorite iced tea.  Summer is intense in Arizona, so we need cool and refreshing beverages. This tea lifts my spirits as well as my taste buds.

I had no idea this tea had been named for a cartoon character until I started to write this review.  This is one of Adagio’s signature blends, which I like to sample from time to time.  They are more complex and exotic combinations, more expensive ingredients, with a slightly higher price point.  I have never been disappointed with the quality of the signature blends.  They pack a punch that makes them worth a few extra cents per cup.  Peppermint Butler is an excellent example of that value for dollar.  The 5 oz tin, which I purchased, is priced at about 38 cents a cup, very reasonable, especially in comparison to tea you purchase in a bottle, already brewed and shipped across the country. Adagio lets customers create their own custom signature blends.  This lets you become a tea blend expert with the highest quality ingredients.

If you are looking for some new iced tea excitement this summer I highly recommend this blend. The creamy minty taste goes down well all day long.  It compliments salad, chilled soup, and sandwiches very well.  Today I will pair it will chilled corn vichyssoise for lunch.  The crisp tea will be a nice contrast to the rich cool soup.  Both have a richness that make them a good couple on a hot day.

Peppermint Butler Tea

Peppermint Butler Tea


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I should try this. Where did you buy this?


Adagio..I am a frequent flyer there..and they do give me points.


Pamela Morse

June 8, 2017

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