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#WeekendCoffeeShare Iced Tea Day

June 10, 2017 , , , ,

If we were having coffee today I would urge you to celebrate National Iced Tea Day with me. I know the national days can really be a bit much, but this one is a winner. I have so many iced teas from which you can choose. I personally am very hung up on White Strawberry alternating that with Peppermint Butler iced tea. I love the refreshing zip of each of these. The white strawberry has a fruity and light taste that is good to guzzle on hot days like this. The Peppermint Butler has real candy canes in the mix, so it delivers a wonderful minty punch that feels like a cool (brief) breeze. Please have a seat while I prepare a couple of unbreakable pitchers of iced tea to take with us to the pool.

black passionfruit sun tea

black passionfruit sun tea

We are meeting again this week in the pool at my condo village.  The sun is scorching and the pavement will burn your feet, so take a dip to chill yourself before we drink tea and exchange stories.  I want to hear about your writing projects and your life.  I hope both are going well.  I know some of you are working on novels and longer works of fiction.  I also tip my hat to those of you who write micro fiction, which is mighty hard to do well.  I try it a bit in response to Sue Vincent’s weekly photo prompt.  This week I wrote a poetic verse that did not rhyme, but once again touched on dystopia and doom.  There is a pattern, and it has nothing to do with Sue’s pictures.  I do notice some others with depressing responses, so maybe it is a way to deal with our world politics.  On a lighter note, I am having a good time writing weekly tea reviews, which are completely apolitical. In fact, I think tea and coffee parties are a wonderful way to take a break from the current situation while just savoring the moment.  My Tuesdays are dedicated to tea and all the wonders and benefits of drinking it, until further notice.  I include the offer from Adagio above in case you want to chill your belly and chill your emotions at the same time.  Camomile is a sedative and calming tea, being offered free with any purchase made today.

I will skip world politics, since it is being covered everywhere.  I just want to say the Mike Bloomberg has proven to be my hero, which I would not have suspected.  His personal financial support for the Paris Accord makes a fabulous point….We CAN do it.  I think people will step up all over the world in response to repression of science, so maybe it is not the worst thing to have these obstructionist crazies on board.  They expose the terrible status quo. I remain optimistic.

Here in Tucson I am making salsa today with the fresh produce haul I procured this morning. I am roasting tomatoes and Poblano chiles for use all week.  The house and the back yard smell like chiles, which does stimulate my appetite.  When we return from the pool let me make you a couple of tacos with this smoky goodness.  I like to roast the veggies and use them in many ways later in the week. I have been on a vichyssoise kick, and have found all kinds of cold creamy potato soups.  So far I have done  them with asparagus, and with corn, and a classic potato slightly flavored with one jalapeño.  The variations are endless, so I am experimenting with all kinds. I think the Poblano will be a great addition. All of them are broth, potatoes, leeks, heavy cream, and something.  It is hard to ruin, and easy to serve.  I took corn vichyssoise soup shots to my colleagues at work this week. It was very popular. I will tell you more about my new job next week, since I have been rattling on for a while here.



Thanks for stopping for some iced tea and sympathy this weekend.  I appreciate Emily for hosting this movable feast each weekend at her blog, Nerd in the Brain. Please join us for digital beverages and a chat.  


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Can’t get enough tea in these temps. Thanks!
Congrats on the job. can’t wait to hear about it.



June 10, 2017

Mmm peppermint butter iced tea just sounds so good though, like it would be absolutely refreshing on a hot day. if we were having coffee, I would skip the coffee and have that!



June 11, 2017

I love Adagio Teas. Such a great purveyor! Your photo prompted poetry with the prose-y edge (sans rhyme) are really quite good. Very evocative. You catch the sense of the current temperature of the nation.
I love your tea chats because they focus on the pleasures of hydrating with something flavorful!


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

June 12, 2017

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