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#TeaTuesday Dewey Cherry

July 4, 2017 , , ,

Brewing Dewey Cherry

Brewing Dewey Cherry

Nothing says summer more than the taste of ripe cherries.  I get excited when the various kinds of cherries show up in the grocery store every year. They all make me happy, from the tart to the white Mt. Ranier.  The fun of sucking them off the pit never fails to please me.  I keep the pits in my mouth for a while because they have their own flavor. All the cherries we eat are imported from other places, so they are pricey by the time we buy them. There is one cherry I can count on all year to deliver that tangy special taste.  That is my Dewey Cherry tea from Adagio.  I am drinking it this week to accompany all the fruit we are enjoying.

I think it is a pretty good symbolic 4th of July drink because many Americans associate the holiday with George Washington.  We may know little about his life, but we have all heard the story of his cherry tree.  It is also red in color, so it brightens up the look of the party table.  A dessert in itself, it naturally aligns with all fruit flavored sweets such as pie.  The slight sharpness of the tart cherry cleanses the palette between samples of sticky sweet samples. It would be the perfect drink for a pie eating contest.

Serving this as a cocktail base leaves the options open. It would be delicious combined with whipped or black cherry vodka, or some rum.  I like to make tea cocktails very weak in alcohol so they are drinkable and tasty, but not too psychoactive.  I like to micro dose.  You could add a splash of this tea to a Pimm’s Cup, designed to be consumed all day while watching tennis matches. The color and taste match well with this legendary beverage.

So, if you are watching Wimbledon today, or celebrating the American Independence (from those fabulous Brits) I can recommend the fantastic fruity flavor of Dewey Cherry to enhance your festivities.  Enjoy it straight up or with a little shot of your favorite alcohol. Drink it in good health, gentle readers.  Cheers!

Pimm's Cup

Pimm’s Cup

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I love cherries. I get obsessed with the depth of the rich flavor. I have not heard about Dewey cherry tea from Adagio. I will try that. I love your idea of using it in a Pimm’s Cup. (so refreshing with serious taste there)
Thanks for the inspiration!


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