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#SelfCareSunday Art As Therapy

July 9, 2017 , , ,

floral art

floral art

An appreciation for art of all kinds is a practical way to stay sane.  During free time we can fall into the trap of planning too much, doing too much, and expecting others to do too much. Then the pleasure of leisure dissolves into another competitive realm to conquer.  I believe that one of the best ways to indulge oneself and nurture creativity is to spend time making or admiring art.  This is an open category. Art includes performance art, movies, theater, stand-up comedy, dance, and musical concerts of every kind.  It is also written, painted, sculpted, and drawn.  One can  find it in museums, galleries, front yards, gardens, and libraries. There is plenty of art to view on line, but I think the best place to look for artistic talent is within.

It is fine to be a student, a novice, a dilettante.  We do not need to be naturally endowed with talent, training, or determination.  We simply need to dedicate some time to the discovery of the inner artist.  I believe we can all seek greatness in one medium or another. It does not hurt to try, and it can enhance life to find a creative outlet at which we may excel. I have pursued many crafty, arty visual arts, but now I like to combine the visual art with something in writing.  I am attempting a little bit of fiction lately, which I find liberating.  It inspires me to broaden my vocabulary and learn more about story crafting. I think writing is good for my imagination and problem solving skills.

I love singing and was trained very well in my youth.  I am a second alto and can hold my part in harmony.  I no longer sing in public but I accompany many of my favorite recording artists, providing the harmonic third while I listen.  I don’t want to go to choir practice any more, but raising my voice is a thrill and a chill.  It puts me in a good mood, which usually means I dance around the house too.  For me there is no better stress relief than belting a song.

Do you make time for artistic expression? Can you think of ways your creative side helps you deal with some of the more annoying parts of living?






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Love the photo! And I agree that one needs to look inside for the artist within. It’s something I have been doing for a while. I find that I am better than I think about certain art forms.. complex and also simple. It’s lovely finding people who are of like-mind


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

July 12, 2017

I think the like minded appreciating art is a cool side effect.


Pamela Morse

July 13, 2017

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