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#TeaTuesday White Blueberry

August 29, 2017 , , ,

white blueberry tea

white blueberry tea

I am saying good bye to summer by enjoying berries, plums, nectarines, and all the seasonal fruit that is about to be out of season. To bring the flavors together I am drinking a delightful white blueberry tea from Adagio. I like all the fruit flavored white teas, but this one is a big favorite. The white tea is a natural unprocessed tea, and the blueberries are a perfect compliment to the high notes of the tea.  I brew it in the sun, summer or winter, and drink it cold.  The caffeine is low, and the flavor intoxicating, but not overwhelming.  The ingredients are pure and simple: white tea, blueberries, natural blueberry flavor.  It is superior as a thirst quencher and refresher.

We drink tea every day all day, so variety as well as quality and freshness count in our household.  I order form Adagio because they offer a wide variety, including sample packs to introduce new teas.  I first bought the white blueberry in a white sampler pack, and it is now the one I like best.  White strawberry is a close second in my iced tea book.  I recommend the company to anyone who already loves to drink tea, or to those looking to expand knowledge of tea.  One of the fun aspects of this company is the option for tea fans to create fan blends, which then become available to all the customers.  Try your hand at blending, and taste the mixtures your fellow tea fans lay down.  They do a good job of serving the customer community.

Join me in a glass of white blueberry tea and start building your knowledge of tea.

white blueberry tea

white blueberry tea

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I love summer fruits. I miss them as soon as September rolls in…. and I know that the days will fly by. And I know that the fall fruit isn’t nearly as interesting.


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

September 4, 2017

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